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  1. Thanks guys... sorry for posting on a wrong thread, I guess I was frustrated.
  2. thank you, I can’t wait. Great work...
  3. Hello guys, since I am a bit slow lol... is the JDAM for the Harrier implemented already or is it yet to be updated? If it is in-game how does one access it because I tried to create a simple mission and on weapons profile I couldn’t find the JDAM... Thanks a million for the assist
  4. Hi, is the MFD supposed to jump to DMT Page after pressing TDC action? To be a bit more precise, I was searching for targets using a targeting pod, I would slew to it then press TDC action, the MFD then switches to DMT PAGE.
  5. Hi, please do the Harrier first, I bet it would be fun...
  6. Hi, I just finished playing the campaign, with my limited 9 years and going in the Air Force I gotta say the missions were on point, I got 85% score. I cannot think of anything to complain about instead I wish you could create some more campaigns... great job.
  7. You have to click PCA select first before you can select another weapon
  8. Thanks for the clarity, I also went through the last changelog and its specified that magic is suposed to be selected by HOTAS:doh:
  9. Hi, I also have a similar problem, or should I say problems... 1. I cannot select the Magic by mouse click, so I did bind one of the keys on my HOTAS(X52) to "Magic select" that works but creates another problem. It turns on the visor and displays the message on screen that Changing Helmet mounted device to NVG/Visor. NB, once the visor is on it cannot turn off. 2. AG Gun has no aiming "Something" on the HUD or maybe I do not know how to switch the HUD to AG mode. 3. Lastly If I connect my X52 HOTAS, the keyboard gets greyed out and therefore I cannot bind anything to it, but it works if I just use the Logitech 3D Joystick. Can someone please assist, The M2000C is my favorite Module so far and I would like to get its practical functionality back.
  10. Eazzy

    M2000C AAR Tanker

    thanks Thank you very much
  11. Eazzy

    M2000C AAR Tanker

    Hi, what am I missing?... I used to run simple AAR missions but today, I updated my DCS World, I am running 2.5 open beta. when I create a simple AAR mission, I cannot find a comms menu to contact the tanker. I tried American and Russian Tankers. I even tried adding an advanced waypoint action and manually inputted a frequency. please help out. by the way, Tacan works well I just cannot get a Tanker option on my radio menu to contact the tanker and request refuel.
  12. Moving forward, I think ED should develop the Hawk Mk 127 LIF :music_whistling: It would be a great replacement
  13. Maybe they should enable the smoke system beore they go MIA.
  14. is there any formal announcement on the Hawk module? I just recently purchased the non-Steam version and I see its no longer on sale :doh::doh:
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