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  1. I would like to ask, if is possible to copy New J-11 from 2.5 to 1.5? New 2.5 is totally unplayable on my coputer, while 1.5 works fine, so I am interested if am I able to move new plane (and may be other ones which will be released in the future) to 1.5?
  2. The same in my case. My PC fullfils minimal system requirements and 1.5 works fine (stable 60 FPS with VSYNC and 2.0 (with Nevada and Normandy) is playable too(with stable 40-50 FPS), but in 2.5 i have very unstable 30-40 FPS even with all graphic settings set to minimal values. Performance is especially bad with Caucasus terrain and the landscape with the lowest settings (without trees and with minimal amount of details) looks much worse than in 1.5. In my case game is now fully unplayable, what is strange because many users claimed, that performance of 2.5 is better than in 1.5 or 2.0.
  3. Are there any planes to release C-101CC in 1.5? I am asking, because new Caucasus map will be probably unplayable for me in case of high system requirements.
  4. So if 1.5 will not be further updated, are you maybe planning to relase the last (most actual) version as downloadable file (as it was earlier). System requirements of new Caucasus map will be probably too large for my PC, so it would be good option for me (and I think, for other users with less efficient computers) to be able to have copy of instalation file of the 1.5.
  5. Thank you very much. I have not noticed this thread earlier. Sorry for duplication of threads.
  6. After todays update of 2.0.5. Open Alpha, when I tryed to run game I have received monit, that vcruntime140.dll file is missing. After I have downloaded and installed this file, DCS still does not run in case of some another problem (0xc000007b). What should I do? Earlier versions of DCS 2 Open Alpha, 1.5.6 Open Beta and Stable 1.5.6. works correctly. My PC specification is: AMD X4 740, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 650 graphic card.
  7. I have discovered, that described problem disappears if I select "solo flight" in mision editor. It is strange, because in beta version of DCS I can fly both solo an with co-pilot in back seat without any FPS drop.
  8. I have noticed big FPS drop - from 60 (VSYNC) to very unstable 10-30 when engine is running (during start-up and flight). Problem is present only when flying C-101, both in cockpit and outside view after yesterday's 1.5.6. stable version release. In 1.5.6 beta I have stable 60 FPS. Option settings in both versions of DCS are set to the same values.
  9. I have tested Viggen today once more and I have noticed, that looking around, even when new part of terrain appears, does not cause FPS drop, as long as I am flying stright ahead. But when I try to roll the plane or turn, problem returns - FPS drops and game freezes.
  10. I have noticed game freeze or big FPS drop when new part of terrain is loading in 1.5.6 but it is present only when I am flying Viggen from cockpit view, making this plane imposible to fly. With other aircrafts performance is in my case even better then in 1.5.5.
  11. FPS drops to about 1-2 FPS for about 3-4 second and then returns to higher value.
  12. I have noticed that problem is not related to afterburner or other animation or effects. It appears when I change flight direction or move point of view (cockpi view only)
  13. It is possible. There was similiar problem with Mirage-2000 and F-5E radar in 2.0 some time ago but it was quickly solved in next release.
  14. Athlon X4 740, 12GB RAM, GeForce GTX 650. Graphic settings set to low. With other planes I have constant high FPS (about 60 with VSYNC)
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