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  1. We can confirm this as well. But, it seems to be 1200 knots. Anything more than 1200knots closure speed, there's no radar return in TWS, once slowed down to below 1200, the return is back. Tested with an air started F14B, human RIO, opponent was human F16, but it's the same with an F18 as well. Attaching the track files of both the pilot and RIO. PS: This happens only with TWS. Pulse works fine. Pilot.trk RIO.trk
  2. Just realized we have a SATAL match at about the same time. No15 | Pops and No15 | VIPER are out. Apologies.
  3. Bro, most people fly the Su27, but we have people who fly almost all airframes. Do not worry about being inexperienced. Every one must start some time. We're not much experienced ourselves, but we stick together on TS for the banter and fun, and we're always learning. :) And, time is 1400 Zulu. Around 9 PM your time.
  4. Hello guys, we're mostly Indians, but we also have guys from Qatar, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. Jump in to our TS by 1400Z, and you can join in our sorties. TS: ts.itgcommunity.com Password: Overwatch
  5. Looking forward to this flight. =ITGC= Pops
  6. =ITGC= xBloodshed - Su33 =ITGC= Skinner - Su27 =ITGC= Pops - Su27
  7. Hi guys. We at ITGC are planning to setup a public server in Singapore for both Oceania and Asian simmers.
  8. Hey guys, we at Indian Tactical Gaming Community are planning a formation flight this republic day. Do jump in to our TS if interested. We'll be online daily from around 7PM upto around midnight. Teamspeak 3 details: Server IP: ts.itgcommunity.com Password: Overwatch
  9. Shabi, join us when you can bro. You can see us in the Open Conflict or Buddyspike servers almost every day.
  10. I'm a part of the Indian Tactical Gaming Community (ITGC), and we're looking for new pilots from Asia. We're a fun loving, semi-realism group with around 15 pilots. We have pilots from India, Qatar, UAE, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a squadron, do hop into our TeamSpeak server and join us in the fun. Most of the squadron can be seen flying on the weekends from 1330Z (7PM IST). But, you’ll also generally find someone in the Officers’ Mess Channel of our TeamSpeak server at around 1400Z (7:30PM IST) every day on the week. http://itgcommunity.com TS3 Server Details: Address : ts.itgcommunity.com Password : Overwatch Discord: https://discord.gg/4DuNKWM
  11. 1 : BodyOrgan 2 : geert 3 : Lobinjaevel 4 : Nash 5 : Doveman 6 : B2Blain 7 : Fakum 8 : Iniyan 9 : piyush.morth 10: Marvel We have 10 now. :)
  12. Thanks for the help mate. That did the trick. :) Thanks for an amazing piece of software. :thumbup:
  13. Me and my mates downloaded the Aries Radio today and we tried it, we found that it was not working with the FC3 aircraft. When I jumped onto a Mi-8 and transmitted, the others could hear me. But, when we jumped into any FC3 aircraft, the radio was not transmitting at all. The green transmit LED does not light up. Can anyone please help us? And, yeah, we were all on the same frequency, and the TS status shows the correct aircraft and frequency.
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