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  1. Hi all The lights wont come on for me either. I contact the tower at 127.5, they reply with bearing and distance to fly and nothing more. I am not getting "cleared Visual contact tower" so I can reply " request landing"
  2. Aha ok, I thougt pressing U lowerd the lunch bar. Did it change in the last update? Anyways it works now so thank u all
  3. Hi I can’t hook the plane to the cat after landing and rearming on the carrier, I Think it started after the last update. Aldo pressning U dose nothing now, anyone else with the same problem.
  4. Hi all Great job ED, this module is fantastic. Now to the problem When I land and rearm I can see the bombs in the store page but the bombs number in the upper left corner is not their. Do I have to reload the data like in the A10c. If so, how u do that? Master arm and A/G are on. Any help is appreciated
  5. Thank you for the reply I have attached autoupdate_log.txt I cant find dcs.log autoupdate_log.txt
  6. Hi all After finishing D/L and unpaking, dcs wont start because dcs.exe and all the files in the same directory exept for dcs_updater.exe where deleted. So I ran repair and when it was finish it took me back to version 2.5.0 All my modules where gone and only caucasus and Nevada where there but not the persian gulf map. If I force repair the same files well be deleted and dcs cannot run, and after repair I get version 2.5.0 Thanks for the help
  7. A big thank you for ED, great work u all should be proud. F18 is next......
  8. Hi all Nice mission, keep up the good work Quick question, for me nothig happened after I land the plane and taxi to the parking spot. No shut down instructions, is this the way it's supposed to be?
  9. Got it, Thank you for the help
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