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  1. Hi, as you seem to use JTAC script (that creates laser from scripted function), your issue might be this : "Laser code is any 4 digit number between 1111 and 1788." ( DCS func createLaser - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com ) In this case, only your first code is valid.
  2. I figured out that I greatly overcomplicated the "solution", missing a simple logic. In fact just set all wpt action "orbit" the exact same way, with only a stop flag condition (flag 1 false) and then only 3 triggers are needed to cycle the radio items (1 for item at start, 1 for item order orbit, 1 for item resume flight). This way you can create as many wpt as needed, to get a "close" distance between orbit order and effective orbit, with minimal work. example attached. Test-orbit-resume.miz
  3. For that, only option is to wait for "orbit" task activated by "triggered actions" to be fixed (route resumed when over instead of RTB). Too bad that helicopters can't use aerobatics, because aerobatics used with a plane can solve what you want to achieve. (example attached) Test-orbit-here-resume-plane.miz
  4. @Pixar I tested a bit the proposal from @shagrat and it works very well and is easy to settle with mission editor tools. I attached an example .miz : At wpt1 the AI hornet get wpt action aerobatic (90° right turn and forward for 40s then resume flight) conditionned by a flag. From this wpt1 to last wpt4 you can, with F10 radio menu, order the aerobatic right turn when you want. You can watch it from map F10 view and accelerated time (x20). test-aero-right-turn-order-then-resume.miz
  5. I think your example seems to match what is described in this other thread :
  6. Hi, if you want to give AI waypoints with dynamic destination point (example : actual position during mission of an enemy group), you can use Mist "Group Orders" functions. There are several types of function, but for example you can create a path of waypoints with buildWP(groung, fixedWing or helicopter), and then order AI to follow this path with goRoute, following given examples. You can also get existing route datas with getGroupRoute, change datas values by script and order AI to follow this new path as previously. Mission Scripting Tools Documentation - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com If you want to be able, for example, to choose between 2 predetermined paths, at a given waypoint, you can use mission editor "switch to waypoint" (using single path of waypoints in a complex form giving two possible paths at a point, "rejoining" later, or whatever). For more specific answer you should share an example .miz, with what you want to get, to see what is possible.
  7. Hi, on my side same page looks normal, latest openBeta.
  8. Hi, as tested by @dark_wood the orbit task used with "triggered actions" doesn't resume route, so you can't use it to order the "orbit" exactly when you want. It should be doable with script (storing group datas and calling them when resuming route, with distinction of already passed wpts) but big workload just for that. Your only option, as I can test, is using "orbit" at waypoint, using for example radio "orbit at next wpt" and "resume route". It works well but if you want to do it "right" (meaning : you can cancel order, and conditions of all wpt orbits are different, so if you ask orbit after passing some wpts, the AI doesn't go back to do all previous orbits...) it still need a bunch of triggers. Example .miz attached. I have tested that, and if I'm not wrong or messed up the test, as the AI immediately goes RTB when triggered orbit is over, the switch to wpt is ignored.
  9. Orbit task through waypoint action does resume route when over, but orbit task through triggered action does not. .miz attached (2 AI F18, number 1 orbits 1mn at wpt 1 - wpt action - then resumes to wpt 2, number 2 orbits 1mn at wpt 1 - triggered action - then RTB instead of resuming to wpt 2) Test-orbit-resume-pushtask-vs-wptaction.miz
  10. Hi, this is certainly already known, but as it represents an issue : Since AI can't anymore guide LGB without a targeting POD, and knowing buddy lasing is still not working for AI (track : AI M2000c drops a LGB - 1688 - on a target lased - 1688 - by a FAC vehicle, and LGB can't track the laser and free fall), the LGB loadout has become useless for AI ? Have a nice day. M2000c-AI-LGB-unguided-1.trk
  11. You should create a thread, with short track showing issue in this section : Weapon Bugs - ED Forums (dcs.world) if you see the same issue when you drop the LGB, or here : AI Bugs (Non-Combined Arms) - ED Forums (dcs.world) if it concerns only AI. I've tried with AI hornet/viper yesterday and with pod they were guiding LGB. I noticed the bomb falled a hair short at impact against moving armored vehicle, but still destroying it.
  12. I can see that now a laser pod is required for AI to guide LGBs. But with a pod it works.
  13. I know there are several scripts using Mist at the bottom of this page : Simulator Scripting Engine Documentation - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com
  14. Hi ! Considering speed(and alt) of the F15E AI, there are 2 factors that you need to take care of : distance between wpt 0 and "attack" mark, and distance between wpt 0 and last point wpt 1. Both distances are too short in your test, so "attack" doesn't work (I can't really tell why, it just need some distance), and F15E immediately maneuvers relatively to wpt1 (last point with no task -> RTB). I just moved wpt 0 a bit away, to have at least 10 kms between wpt 0 and wpt 1 / "attack" mark and the AI does attack with bombs. AI don't bomb-mod.miz
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