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  1. Hi... I'm currently running the Red Flag campaign for the Viggen, and if I try to watch the track after ending a mission, it always crashes to desktop. Might this be the same issue? BubbaG
  2. Hi... This happens for me too... Especially if I switch to the F10 map and then back - the terrain is not visible for perhaps 5-10 seconds, after which is rapidly renders again... Not a major problem, but definitely an issue. BubbaG
  3. I have the same issue as was originally mentioned in this thread... This is however on 2.5.0 Released. If there's a fix, can I assume it's not been applied to the released version yet, and might possibly only be available on the 2.5.x open beta? BubbaG
  4. What about the Tornado IDS (GR1 or GR4)? BubbaG
  5. Hi again... I finished the campaign.. Just wanted to say that you did a spectacular job! It was really well choreographed, worked well, exciting, as well as being a good learning experience... Thanks for taking the time to create such a great campaign! :) I will definitely be looking out for your other current and future campaigns... BubbaG
  6. Hi... I'm currently running through the campaign for the M2000C, and I'm running it on Released 2.5.0. I discovered a slightly silly issue on one of the missions. I had my wingman engage some targets of opportunity, but then unfortunately forgot about him for a little bit. I completed most of the mission and started heading back to land... I then remembered my wingman, and told him to rejoin formation. The following happened: * Wingman starts heading for me with full AB. * After a couple of minutes on AB, he calls out Bingo (or low?) Fuel. * The wingman then kept on blasting towards me with full AB. * Then the wingman runs out of fuel and ejects. The way I see it, he prioritized rejoining the formation over saving his plane... Perhaps the wingman is a bit too obedient? Definitely seems that the AI logic for the wingman could use a tweak. :) BubbaG
  7. Hi... I ran through the updated mission 1 you posted in this thread, as well as Mission 2... Both worked like a charm, although Mission 2 is dark as...well... Had to use the flashlight and even then it was difficult to see anything... I'm very impressed with both missions though... Exciting and great fun! :) Still can't get all those landings just right... I think there's something wrong with my landing gears, since the tires keep on blowing or landing gear collapses... Yeah... Must the landing gears. :D BubbaG
  8. I can see that my search was "lazy" too, so I appreciate your reply... I'll read through it... Most appreciated... :) BubbaG
  9. Thanks... One of the radios was still off, and when I turned it on, suddenly my wingman started chatting... so it looks like it works... I've replaced Mission 1 file with the one you suggested, so I'll give it a try later... Most appreciated! :) BubbaG
  10. Hi... I just started the Campaing for the M2000C - and I started Mission 1. However - it does not seem to actually start, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? It technically starts - I'm inside a hardened shelter, and the doors open - the M2000C is in the dark... Then, no matter what I've tried, there's no narrative... I've played a few other campaigns, and there's always speech and writing that takes you through the various steps... In this one - there's nothing... Am I doing anything wrong, or might there be an issue? Running Release - BubbaG
  11. Hi... So I'm preparing my first M2000C campaign mission - doing this and that, INS alightment, radio etc... Start moving along the taxiway, and my left wheel barely touches the snow on one of my turns... I'm stuck... One wheel barely in the snow, and all a full afterburner can do is to slightly move the whole plane into the snow after 5 mins or so of full AB. This seems a bit unrealistic, and potentially buggy to me... I mean, the realism level of both DCS and M2000C is pretty much off the charts, and It's a great game, but this part has been bugging me for a while... Any thoughts? BubbaG
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