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  1. Just deleted my "stable" install to free up space for the Open Beta, in order to be able to use my "brand new" A-10 C II module. Downloaded the Open Beta installer without issues, but when the download actual download of the game starts, after selecting the installation directory, the thing is first "Checking for Updates" and then a pop-up message comes up: COULDN'T CONNECT TO SERVER Are there any server issues?
  2. Is it already possible to configure synthetic vision on the go? Or is it still doable only through the ME?
  3. Hi, I am wondering if the so-called weathercock stability is a thing in DCS, is this implemented and if not, I would like to request it as a feature as it is a vital factor for helicopter ops. The wind coming from behind -between about the 4 and 8 o'clock position can contribute to loss of tail rotor effectiveness. So far I have not been able to confirm that this is already implemented in the game, but maybe it is. Nevertheless, if not, please, consider adding it, thus further enhancing helicopter simulation. Thank you!
  4. Imagine this beast as a flyable module in DCS!
  5. "Please do not use nazi Swastika" How pathectic.
  6. I would love to see the OPB1R optical bombing sight. It was discussed a while ago, even confirmed IRC but then nothing. Apart from that, updated graphics would be awesome too and perhaps multi crew capabilities.
  7. Although I have not yet purchased the map, I have been watching videos and reading reviews about it. There is one thing I truly don't like on this map and that is those small bushes that keep popping up near the aircraft as it proceeds along. It is a very "silly" solution to control the performance and keep the FPS at bay; thus reducing the draw distance of this particular type of vegetation because this way these bushes just appear out of the nothingness in front of the aircraft. This surely needs to be addressed. Please either increase their draw distance (significantly) or make them appear somewhat gradually because right now they just magically present themselves some 100-150 meters ahead of the aircraft. This was one of the first things I noticed when I started watching content showcasing this map and I said to myself, no way, how could the developers not make it more visually pleasing? This does not match the otherwise excellent map.
  8. Dropping visibility to "medium" is not acceptable as a solution. In the Huey, I get 18-20 FPS lately, in the exterior view looking at the craft. The Viggen, giving me a pathetic 30 FPS in the cockpit, 18-19 in the outside view. And quite similar results with other modules. Something is clearly not right.
  9. I haven't played since late 2018 with a couple of exceptions back in 2019 but now that I wanted to return to DCS I immediately noticed that the performance is much worse than it used to be. I have a quite powerful PC and never in my entire DCS career had to complain about low FPS but this time it is really bad. SSLR off, MSAA off, SSAA 1.5 and all else maxed out but as I said, I always had these settings (minus the SSLR which I have no clue about, probably a new option) and my FPS were always excellent. So while the game looks really beautiful these days, unfortunately, the performance seems to suffer. I am hoping it will be addressed.
  10. Awful performance on Open Beta Hello, The last time I played was back in late 2018. Own most of the modules, never had and performance issues when playing DCS. I have a quite powerful computer so I actually never even expected any sort of performance problems, low FPS. A few days ago I bought the F16 module, hoping that it will give me some motivation to return to DCS. However, my initial hopes were immediately ruined by the awful performance. I have to admit I always played the game with all settings maxed out, the only exception is SSAA which I left on 1.5, MSAA is set to off and there is an option I never saw before, called SSLR, which I set to off as well. All else is set to maximum, but again, I never ever encountered low FPS in this game. This is not the case anymore. At Kutaisi airport, on the runway, daytime, in-cockpit I got 30-35 FPS and outside 15-25 only. Up in the air, at FL250, inside the cockpit only 50-60 FPS and when going to exterior view, only 20-25 FPS. But even without the FPS data, I can clearly feel when panning, both inside and outside of the cockpit that it is not as smooth as it used to be. I am using TrackIR and even when looking around, I can feel the inferior performance. I tested with the Gazelle and the F5 as well and I can confirm that the performance is much worse than I was used to in those modules too. I am not too sure what happened to the game during the past year and a half, it looks beautiful but the performance makes it a no-go for me as it currently stands. I am hoping that the game will receive further optimizations so that in-game FPS will soar once again.
  11. Hello, A very old request revisited. I heard there was a "major" update to the Mirage last autumn, so fingers crossed. Is it now possible to program a synthetic runway approach without preparing the destination runway in the editor in advance? This would be a very basic feature. As far as I remember, it was not possible the last time I checked, which is a shame, because a destination airport may change at any time due to a number of reasons (weather, being one but since we are talking about a military simulation, the pre-programmed destination airport might even be under attack and thus, unsafe to land at). This means if there is no option to program a synthetic runway approach on the fly, the whole thing is useless. And of course, it is also highly unrealistic that a pilot needs a "mission editor" to set up a cockpit instrument. This function should be 100% functional without any mission editor input. Please let me know if Razbam finally implemented this very basic feature. Thanks a lot!
  12. I am wondering if synthetic runway approaches can already be set up in the cockpit without the need to pre-program them in the Mission Editor?
  13. Looking forward to a new helicopter finally!
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