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  1. :flowers: Thanks for all you do for us, Eagle Dynamics!! :tomato:
  2. I like this guy :beer: :gun_smilie:
  3. You sir are a legend, thank you! Thanks everyone for the replies, issue has been resolved. :) Happy flying :pilotfly:
  4. Huh... I never had it before, maybe I was missing something prior then, haha. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi! I'm having a bit of an issue in the A-10C that's just come about recently in both 2.0 and 1.5. After the most recent update in 1.5 (11/15/2016), it started, and it's always been an issue in 2.0 for me. Anyway, whenever I'm starting up the aircraft and flip the 'Inverter Standby' switch, this extremely loud and annoying tone begins playing, it's brutal and doesn't go away until that switch is flipped off or the plane is dead. Was hoping someone knows how I can fix or get rid of this sound. I made a short 40 second clip demonstrating the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g21ojBQ1Cf4&feature=youtu.be Please forgive the utter garbage quality haha, I couldn't be bothered to redo it, but it should suffice. The sound is much much louder than the video gives it credit for, it makes the A-10C pretty much unflyable for me, at least unflyable if I'd like to hear anything in the game or the hours after lol. Thanks very much in advance.
  6. Soon.™ If it's against the EULA, why is there an entire page on your website setup to break the rules? lol And fair enough on the dev time. Perhaps you should as well? Seeing as I haven't broken any of the rules. :lol: But yeah, I'm done. Just thought I should let my (and probably others) opinions on the matter be heard. Pretty crappy.
  7. No one was speaking to you my little upside-down, convict. :)
  8. Highly unfortunate. No more purchases from me until trading comes back. Not that ED will be releasing anything soon anyways. Seems they like to screw customers over by taking away privileges, accepting preorder money and not delivering on products for years after their announcements. I've decided to refund 3 purchases I've made through steam until this issue is tended to. As the title says, this is quite unfortunate. Perhaps you people should be working on modules instead of messing about with your customers property, you might actually get something out on time. ^^
  9. Funny and DCS related :pilotfly: *Profamity warning*
  10. Perhaps, but if they hit, you might get two kills for one. XD https://www.twitch.tv/ner_vod/v/86506349
  11. Nerf? What is this, call of ****ing duty? Warfare isn't fair, son.
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