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  1. In my opinion, should be the MP in better shape, DCS would be way further. Because it would attract way more people already, meaning more cash. I think there is quite big player base which will play only MP but rather go for other game because - and be honest to ourselves - its more pain than fun to play MP in DCS. And we are playing games for having fun, not having pain, right? If ED wants more players and money for their work and development, they must focus MP strongly. I understand that SP carry you now, but good MP can carry way more. DCS is now wasting its potential.
  2. How exactly does the detection work? When I put EWR in ME, the one that can mimic AWACS, and include this scirpt, when EWR at F7 (AWACS) request bogey dope reports an aircraft, then F10 reqest bogey dope sais picture clear. It will detect the aircraft only when it comes really close (like for 25 nm). Only one enemy aircraft, one friendly radar and one player in the mission. And great work as I still rather talk to your script than to F7 AWACS. Its sometimes really difficult with this guy. I just wish they will give me the same results :)
  3. After few months inacitivity I've returned to DCS and updated SR to the last version, however I do have wierd problem - I can hear anything. Mic input is there, when I click to hear myself I can see both input and output volume meters active. Yet no sound, no matter if just in Windows or in game. I've tried to swap all combinations of input and output devices available in the dropboxes but with no success. I cannot see SR application in windows volume mixer either, which might be the issue. Any ideas?
  4. I see now that it is my misunderstandment of the aircraft's systems. Flight Director's mode indeed works good for me. Thank you very much for learning me that! Only thing I am kind of sad about is that it looks like aircraft ignore other autopilot channels, like heading, thus auto-turn as well. I guess I will need to learn to switch on and off DH mode as needed depending on current situation.
  5. What happen is, that I level up aircraft (f.e. after slowing down when you need to push the nose upwards), move the stick where I want it to be (where the aircraft's nose is alighned with horizont), press trimmer and what I do expect (and other modules do) is that the nose stays where it is and I can release my stick to center position without messing anything up. When I do it in Ka50 I mess up position of my nose, it continues in direction from where "it came". Like I push the stick towards myself to level up aircraft from dive, set the nose to horizon, hit trimm and release the stick. What Ka50 does is that after this it raises the nose (quite rapidly, easily over 20°). I've tried all trimm modes available yet none is working as expected. There is also a way with holding the trimmer button instead of hiting it. It works in a same way but the problem is not at the "end" but at the "start". You have aircraft in any position trimmed, you hit and hold the trimmer button without moving the stick anywhere from center position and the nose start to dive/climb (related to where it has been trimmed before change). That is pretty annoying you see :(
  6. Thank you for clarification. Is there any way how to force Ka50 trim to work like in other chopper modules for nonFFB joystick?
  7. Then please explain me how it works. I have such a joystick and it does not work at all for me. I expected it will work in the same way as in the Mi8/Uh-1/Gazelle does. There it is great. It is just in Ka50 such a pain to trim with nonFFB joystick. It seems they realized it so they added option for us. But how the hell it works I do not understand. From my point of view it does exactly nothing.
  8. When I saw it in patch notes I was so happy I will be finally able to fly Ka50 and it won't annoy me constantly in the process. However this trim mode seems to be broken. It does nothing for me. Only when "trim rudder" is enabled, rudder trim works. However X and Y axies won't trim. It behaves like you're not hitting the trim button at all. Axis always returs to the center no matter what I do. Anyone having the same issue?
  9. Had same problem. Both those options work. Thanks a lot <3
  10. Hello guys. I'd like to play some missions with my friend so I acquired public IP and forwarded port 10308. Me and my friend we both enabled port 10308 for both TCP and UPD and for both incoming and outcoming traffic in our firewalls. However, when I create a public server it is not to be seen in list of public servers. When my friend try to connect to me directly by IP, game wrote in chat XXX has connected. But after few minutes of my friend's loading screen he got error message connection timed out and on server in chat there is also XXX has disconnected, connection timed out. In server log there is following (multiple attempts): 00336.673 INFO NET: accepting connection from 00336.679 INFO NET: append: client 2 00456.731 INFO NET: disconnecting client [2]: Client idle timeout 00456.738 INFO NET: remove: client 2 00540.935 INFO NET: accepting connection from 00540.936 INFO NET: append: client 2 00660.996 INFO NET: disconnecting client [2]: Client idle timeout 00661.003 INFO NET: remove: client 2 00675.980 INFO NET: accepting connection from 00675.986 INFO NET: append: client 2 00796.037 INFO NET: disconnecting client [2]: Client idle timeout 00796.044 INFO NET: remove: client 2 Can anyone give me advice what are we doing wrong? Thanks a lot!
  11. EDIT Sorry I was accidently writing in wrong language :D I now know where the problem was. W10 calc does the math of sin/cos "correctly" - no need to modify the input. However Excel does not, it needs to have the inputs modified before calculation. As I was sometimes calculating by hand (w10 calc) and sometimes by Excel, I got sometimes wrong and sometimes correct results. Thanks for advice how to convert degrees to correct format.
  12. I am not very familiar with all those coordinate systems. I belive Gazelle is using DMM (dd°mm.m') and UTM. There is a button on navigation panel to swap between display of those two (GEO/UTM). In that formula I use those UTM numbers, like f.e. N 463481 E 73148 (translates into N 41°49.9' E 41°47.2'). My procedure is: - get my current coordinates in UTM from navigation computer - find my target with camera - read bearing from the camera (0-359) - read distance with help of laser rangefinder (meters) - find declanation in navigation computer (f.e. 6°02', which I round to full number for the formula, because I am not sure how to work with those mintues here) - fit it all in the formula - read new coordinates in UTM - put them in the navigation computer as a waypoint - check if the waypoint is heading at least roughly the same direction and distance - if so, switch back to DMM as Vigen needs DMS - if not, being confused I am using Win10 calc in scientific mode for sin/cos calculations.
  13. Hello guys. I found really interesting to play with my friends who fly Viggen and finding targets for them. As I can find the target and count the target's position with informations I have. Viggen can input those coordinates in the computer and guide its weapons to it. At the internet I am not able to find much about how to count the coordinates, though. I found just this: TargetUTMNorth = cos(bearing+declination)*(range/10)+CurrentUTMNorth TargetUTMEast = sin(bearing+declination)*(range/10)+CurrentUTMEast The problem is, that in some cases it works, in some cases it works roughtly and in same cases it does not work at all (point's coordinates counted are kilometers away). I created excel for this, so it is not counting error issue. I usually double check inputs and outputs so it is not typo issue. I don't understand why it is no unreliable. Does anyone have any experience with this to share?
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