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  1. Hi, The F-5 E is doing: 3 Mk-82's and 2 150 gallon tanks: About 300 knots at military power and climbing at about 1500'/min. Not much faster in level flight. Is this right? Clean but with the pylons (dropped and jettisoned the ordnance): Mach 0.9 at 10000' Clean without the pylons: Mach 1.1 at 10000' Is the pylon drag correct? It seems to me that the F-5 performance with ordnance is way inferior to what it should be! /Sture, Aeronautical engineer.
  2. Hi, Pull slightly on the stick while dropping 12 off Mk-82HD and everything is fine. Push slightly (or do nothing) and your F-16C blows up. It must be a bug. IRL the fins do not deploy before safe separation from the plane. ED, pls fix this. /SS
  3. Hi, Version: 2.5.x.x I am setting up mission goals in multiplayer. I can not get DCS to give results when I set up a map object (house in this case) as a goal. I right click on the house, assign it a zone, and give it, say, 10 points as a mission goal when it is dead. It works for units. It also works on map objects in OFFLINE. Is this better in 2.5.7.x? /Sture
  4. Hi, Super! Thank you! /Sture
  5. Hi, How do you know how many map objects house or bridge has? If you destroy both ends of the bridge, will that release the trigger? If your trigger zone contains, say, three houses, do you need to destroy all houses? /Sture
  6. Hi, I had the same problem. I lowered the bombers speed somewhat and they started to fly higher. /Sture
  7. Hi, My friends are thrown out of the game server (run by me) (2.5, Caucasus, F-5E) from time to time, every half hour or so. Can I resolve this by not having Chrome, Discord or other SW in the background? /Sture
  8. I set the flight altitude for some B-52 at 25000' and the persist to fly at around 7000' ASL. Why?
  9. I still want a free swiveling head from the tank commanders view. /Sture
  10. That would be very nice, thanks. I will provide some pictures.
  11. Hi, I want to simulate the Mirage III and the Kfir with the F5E or the Viggen on the Syria map. Can anyone make a bare metal skin with Israeli markings? 1967 and 1974 era bare metal skins are the most interesting. However, a three color skin is also appreciated. /Sture
  12. Yes, but it is still difficult to get a quick overview of the surroundings.
  13. Why can't we have a free swiveling head (with mouse or TrackIr) from the commanders position in tanks and IFV's? I mean a view that does not drag any weapons with it. That would be much faster like the drivers view (LCntl+C) /Sture
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