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  1. SA-17 Search Callout As the title says, the SNOW DRIFT appears to be listed under the SA-11 and SA-17 in the Apache RWR database. Seems to indicate we may be getting an SA-17 at some point, which would be a significant improvement over the SA-11. SA-17 Details
  2. Was testing out a mission and had an interesting bug. Instead turning to taxi it continued to taxi across the ramp and through the grass in a straight line. It was going by buildings and stuff. There was also a graphical bug where if you zoom in the aircraft is non-visible. If you zoom out it becomes visible again. I'm attaching the trk file but it shows it taxing properly when I reviewed it. When I re-ran the mission the same aircraft taxi'd properly, so not very repeatable. Quam F-15.trk
  3. Yea, that is a work around. I'd still rather have dedicated PP points to keep waypoints clean.
  4. I'd like to try and do a mission with multiple player JF-17's in a flight. However, I haven't been able to figure out if you can actually assign different PP points to each aircraft in the flight and they all appear to get the same four that I've put in. Is this possible? Couple of work arounds I know of are making each aircraft it's own flight and/or using the F10 map and having each person put in their own PP points to ingestion into the DTC. However, doing it in the ME for the same flight would be ideal.
  5. Have a MP mission that appears to be crashing due to the AI MI-24P for some reason. The MI-24Ps are uncontrolled on the ramp. Loading in SP the mission runs fine, but when running it on a dedicated server causes client crashes when joining the server. After a lot of isolating removing the Hinds appears to fix the problem. Sending a link to a folder with one mission with the Hinds, and one where the only change is taking them out. Including .trk file. Don't have log file but can redo the error if requested. Mission files and track file
  6. Put this guide together for mission planning purposes. Provides employment range and time of flight for the various stand-off weapons in DCS at different altitudes. Ranges represent max employment range as calculated by the aircraft at the speed and altitudes listed. TOF was measured in-game, but only used single runs. So some variance can be expected. Also the SLAM-ER appears to be a bit bugged right now, and when using the HIGH flight profile will cause the missile to fly low instead. Guide reflects current behavior in game. DCS Standoff Weapons Ranges_V1.0.pdf
  7. Version 1.2 now available. Changelog: Added SA-5 Modified the Patriot to reflect new radar behavior Moved quick reference cards to front of packet
  8. I've updated the guide to V1.1. Added the NASAMS, corrected a few deployment layouts, and retested some capabilities against PGMs and updated relevant systems.
  9. First, thanks for the addition of a solid new SAM for Blue side. Always nice to get new units and this is an interesting one. My initial impressions, for all that they are worth, are very positive. I appreciate the work that went into getting this system added. Having said that, I hope that this is not the end of the development of the system as it has some cool potential that could be used. I will admit I'm not sure what year of NASAMS this is supposed to represent, so some of these capabilities might not actually be applicable. Multiple missiles It's well documented that this system can use the AIM-9X in addition to the AIM-120, and has been tested with IRIS-T and Sea Sparrow missiles that I'm immediately aware of. This is a unique wrinkle that this system possesses and I'd love to see it represented in game some how. The solution now of having separate launchers with AIM-120B and AIM-120C is certainly an easy solution, but not really ideal as I believe the intent is to have different missiles on the same launcher. Perhaps for the launcher vehicles there is a rearm window where you select which missile goes in each canister. I think that would be a great tool for mission designers. EO/IR Sight In a few articles I've seen mention of an EO/IR sight functionality for the system. I'm not sure if this is a add-on for a later variant, or has always been a part of the system. However, right now the system is very vulnerable to destruction of the TAR. Having the EO/IR sight makes a lot of sense as a back-up acquisition capability, and enables passive targeting of aircraft up until missile launch. CA Integration This lends back to a previous post I made about improving CA integration into SAMs, I think this would be a prime candidate to set the base. This has a dedicated C2 vehicle with an offboard radar. Perfect chance to set the groundwork for operating SAMs with separate vehicles. The especially nice thing is that the missiles are fire and forget, so we just need to point them in the right direction and once they acquire they take care of themselves. So the basic idea is that a player would command from the C2 vehicle. The irl NASAMS has a really nice digital display with maps and data linked targets in the air space. But even a simpler PPI would do. The player would need the radar feed from the radar, or if using the more modern displays just display of target tracks. Then the player selects which target(s) they want engaged. This system can automatically select a launcher to engage the target, and notify when launch parameters are met. Then the player presses a button to launch a missile, or the system can if there is an automatic mode. This framework could then be used for most of the other SAMs in DCS, making more controllable SAMs for players.
  10. So I tried this mission several months ago and while I questioned the mission concept (albeit innovative and nice idea), it was pretty straight forward jump in the cockpit and fly. Last week I went back and tried it again and found that a bunch of cinematic elements had been added. Watching aircraft do aerobatics from a ground view is very cool in concept, and I'm sure works well on a monitor. However, in VR it can be VERY disorientating and probably for some painful. Having the view forcefully moved while in VR is a recipe for vertigo and I had to quit out before actually jumping in the jet because I felt the dizziness coming on. Not to mention that the POV when in VR is below ground level, which spoils the cinematic effect that was being sought. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE adding the atmosphere through this cinematic. In fact, if you have a tutorial on how to do it I've wanted to do it for my missions for a long time. I also appreciate the added guidance on how to run the course, as that was my biggest struggle attempting this the first time. It just doesn't work with VR though. So if it's possible to have an option to skip the intro it would save a lot of headache (literally) for VR users.
  11. In testing a mission I put together I have an enemy flight entering an area where friendlies have been operating. I have the enemy flight set to active the en route task "CAP" if blue forces are still in an area, then deactivate it with the"CAP-x" task if they leave the area. I've done this successfully before in other missions, and I went back to double-check the scripting was correct. Now, the "CAP" task doesn't seem to cancel. Even after leaving the area, the enemy aircraft continues to follow and attempt to shoot me down. I have messages letting me know when the enemy plane changes state. I've also tried with the "Search and Engage in Zone" en route task, as well as a different airframe, with the same result. I also added the "Weapons Hold" ROE task and it ignores that as well. So it seems the "CAP" task is overriding the others and doesn't want to cancel out. Mission attached for reference, and latest log file. Syrian Campaign Mission 2_V1_test.miz dcs.log
  12. Object type name change messing up old saves; also causing crashing See my thread below where I had a mission using the Type 54 that I could not load into the ME. Turns out that the object type names were changed by Deka at some point. This changed caused the ME to look for an object type that didn't exist, and delete the unit. In my case I had a helo landing on the ship, so DCS got hung-up trying to figure out what to do. All old missions will have this issue I think. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=287771 Manually changing the object type name fixed the issue, but you have to manually open the mission lua to do so. Not sure how far the issue goes, but it might go beyond the ships depending on what Deka renamed.
  13. Sounds like I'll be manually editing at least a couple of missions. As I had them carefully scripted as part of the mission.
  14. Thanks man! Really appreciate it. I have a few more missions with Deka ships, though I don't think any involve helos landing on them. Do I need to go in a manually change the name? Or is a patch for this expected?
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