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  1. Есть ли у команды DCS намерения создать анимированных десантников, которых можно увидеть прыгающими из салона вертолетов Ми-8 и Ми-24, или даже с любого другого самолета? И в случае, если команда разработчиков DCS уже создала их, у вас уже есть какой-либо датированный выпуск? Спасибо за внимание привет из Бразилии!
  2. Видео к 60-летнему юбилею со дня первого полета прославленной "восьмерки" 24/06/1961
  3. Hi, The trimmed position is lost when I move from the Pilot's Seat to the Gunner's Seat, and this makes the helicopter become uncontrolled as if it was passing through a turbulence. And It happens everytime! Below are some screenshot I made: Pilots's Seat: Gunner's Seat:
  4. Hi, I noticed these following bugs: 1st - The APU exhautor doesn´t show the flames after starting it. 2nd - The Turbines' Exhaustors don´t show also the heat blur effect, eventhough I have enabled it in the game's system options 3rd - Such as the Mi-24P as other helicopters don´t have information about them shown on the Encyclopedia.
  5. The trimmer works this way When you trim the helicopter on DCS, the trimmer places your virtual cyclic where you want it stays, but your physical cyclic represented by your joystick will go back to the center, and that's why people remove the springs, in order the physical cycle or joystick works the same way as on real helicopters. But, in case you don´t want to remove the springs, and you wish to release the trimmer switch? Well, before you do this proceedure, you will have to remember the right position where you trimmed your joystick, and you will heve to place it on the same way, otherwise your helicopter may be a little uncontrolled when you release the trimmer switch.
  6. Thanks for the video, but I had already watched it too! And thanks for the patch with the Turkish flag with Jandarma text! I think I can use it as a patch, because the real patch looks more realistic on the texture, instead of a simple drawing with an artificial embroidered effect, and unfortunately there isn't a embroidering effect for the software I use. Well, I have already made all the texts and adhesives, but I also made many other things as the main text "Jandarma" with a gradient effect in red and blue colors for the side of fuselage, and I also began drawing the side lines for the fuselage, Some textures as the ones for pilot uniform, helmet, tank texture, EVU, and the texture for the Mi-8 fuselage parts are already done, I have already made the script to be used for this Jandarma Mi-8 texture. As I said before, I can not promiss to finish soon this Mi-8's Jandarma texture, because I have many other things I am working on at this moment, maybe it will take some weeks to be finished yet, but it certainly will be made. And right now all the creating process is already very advanced! So, I inform to you when iI have finished it!
  7. Hi. ebabil, Thanks for your comment! Well the pictures you showed are cool, this is a nice helicopter painting. Yes, it wouldn´t be impossible to do it, cause it hasn´t so much details, but the only thing that takes a few more time to do is to adjust the curved lines to match them. I saw that this painting has some warning texts written on the helicopter fuselage, but I couldn´t see what these texts say. I should have to zoom them in to reproduce exactely as they are. Maybe, I have to search for more other reference photos for making this skin. :book: I won´t promiss to you that I will do it at the moment, because I am working on 4 other skins for these modules: Mi-8, Gazelle, F-18 and Mirage. But I will try to find a free time to do it! :thumbup:
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