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  1. I can't seem to find the flak guns in the new assets pack/Normandy map package! Saw the trailer for them but I'll be damned if I see em'!
  2. You're not doing anything wrong. This feature has been broken since last fall.
  3. Ive heard a rumor that the promised sniper team has been cancelled.
  4. Troops now attempt to embark on my Mi8 but only half actually do (without the vocalized "Roger" when hitting the command key). About half start running around in circles outside the chopper. When I hit the disembark for those who DO embark, the game crashes.
  5. 1.) The first issue I've noticed is in my Mirage, gbu-12's won't release when running a jtac mission. Everything is the same as before the upgrade and everything worked perfectly before. The gbu's do release when using the hud in the normal method to lock a ground target but wont after going thru the full jtac routine. I can't seem to track down if something has been added to this process. All other weapons normal. 2.) Ground troops wont embark onto either my huey or mi8 as they did without fail before. I hit the descent command and they don't give me the usual "roger" and climb on. They stare at me thru the cockpit glass and its rather disconcerting! Anyone else noticing these bugs? I noticed my jtac gbu issues happening after the last upgrade and I've searched for answers but found nothing. I apologize if I overlooked it somewhere. The weird thing is its happening in my DCS Nevada map after that last upgrade as well. Was there an upgrade to the Mirage that I somehow missed that could be causing this? Is there an extra procedure to the whole litany of things ya gotta do before a jtac release? Thanks! I'm happy to see mouse control restored to huey gunners with track IR altho it takes some fiddling with the rshift T command to get the proper gunner view.
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