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  1. Ive had zoom setup since I first got VR 2+ years ago, but detection distance doesnt change much with it zoomed in.
  2. Wouldnt mind at all. My resolution is only 1920x1080 [only monitor i got] [FYI I tested all these settings in VR and flat-screen mode] [All targets were fighter sized, between altitudes of 600m to 1300m] [i was using a Mig29S for its TWS2 mode so I didnt have the radar locking a target but could watch the radar position so I had a general idea of the target location but no real 'fix'] Preload range is maxed, because Im running 64gigs of RAM For textures I tried Medium and High with no detectable difference, it only seems to have an effect on the instrument panel. Visible range I tested between Medium and Extreme, the range the fighter would be noticable didnt differ. Antialisaing [whatever its called] is off since I cant see any difference with the setting. Shadows on High, because the shadow 'pop-in' seems to happen at a range of 500-1000m [not certain of that] I know Im going on about this a bit much but Im having an easier time spotting ground targets than a sky silhouetted fighter at any range.
  3. I keep adding to this but humor me. I tried the same situation again but with flat screen and if you have and idea of the target location the target can be seen as far as 40km out.
  4. Next year I'm planning on getting the Pimax 8k, so it would be interesting to se if that helps the situation.
  5. Very possible assumtion with that, but if we're going to go online, we have a pretty big disadvantage to the TrackIR users and their +30 power view magnification.
  6. I have that issue as well. An option of disabling the VR hangar would be nice to have since it seems to be the issue.
  7. I did a test run for spotting in VR. 80km starting distance - 1000m off the ground - noon time of day - no clouds - 1.2 PD all the way up to 1.8 PD - medium and high view distance - against typical fighter you might go against With the Mig29S using the TWS to give me a basic idea where the target was, I was unable to spot the target until I got within 15-10km regardless of settings except higher Pixel Density settings would make it worse. If the target is above the horizion 15km is the absolute maximum spotting distance I can do even while knowing of the target location. If the target is below the horizion or in the grass I gotta get within 5km all the way down to 1km. Missiles on the otherhand are completly impossible for me to spot now. I love DCS and have every module but now with the inability to even spot an aircraft until extremely close, Im debating on moving on to somehting else because I'll never go back to a flat screen.
  8. Ive got the same issue as well in every module, including FC3. Clearing the entire control scheme somewhat works but speed brake [every module], TV controls in the KA50, and many others [need to make a list] cant be bound and are red.
  9. Good thing im not the only one with this issue. Even after a merge, maintaining LOS on a bandit is very hard and spotting a missile is worse. Muscle memory is the only way I can beat any missile in BVR now, even most SAMs
  10. I had VR for almost 2 years and had a high end rig to back it up. A few weeks ago my 1080ti melted my motherboard [it was from the card and not overclocked] and now I've got to go back to TrackIR. Seriously considering quitting DCS now because VR is just that immersive, and the cost to rebuild to previous specs is 3 grand.
  11. This is going to be a first day buy for me.
  12. I made a mission for guns only dogfighting with the F5 and I cant even beat the Fw190, after the merge he's already on my 6 after turning just 270 degrees when I have a 300knt advantage. I'm finding that the Mig21 is a better turn fighter. I'm abysmal at dogfighting so this needs to be taken with a grain of salt
  13. Ive had this issue as well, but I put it into a complete nosedive and it wouldnt gain any speed whatsoever
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