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  1. Hi Bailey, installed your F16 profile but it seems i have some problem with numbers. 3,4,8 are not recognised and i get 2 or 10 or 61, and arm off gives me a flare ?
  2. Thanks Baily, 1 cant find the lua to manipulate 2 Kneeboard builder dont give me the settingstab Gues i better download the open beta
  3. OK no invisible titlebar here and using the stable version. modmaps.lua
  4. Config= mainscreen, touchscreen and 2 mfd screens Kneeboard is coming up in one off the MFDs, dragging not posible, so how can i change the position of the kneeboard ?
  5. NWS light is burning, but no reaction of the stick.Missing something ?
  6. Anyone knows what this is ? Problem solved
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