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  1. Well i found the value for landing handle light that is [227] But for the pressure no way to have it works. I try in the A10 and the value 2006 of the bas export script do not work
  2. I fix the problem of flickering switch by changing "ExportLowTickInterval" from 0.5s to 0.1 and "ExportInterval" from 0.05s to 0.1 in the config.lua of DCS-ExportScript folder. An other Question, in the script some data are ti be export separetly like for example pressure setting of the altimeter: but if i want to have the full pressure setting on only 1 buton how can I? I also wanted to have a button working as a lamp for the red gear lever light but found in the export that it has no number:
  3. Hi First thanks a lot for this great plug-in. I realy enhanced streamdeck experience with DCS. I'm at work for a F/A-18C hornet profile but encounter some trouble with toogle switch. I'm not sure the rigt way to explain that but when i press a buton on stream deck, the fonction change in DCS (no problem for that), but on stream deck the image first change to new state then go back to the previous state an update again to the new state, all that in a seconde. It's like there is two image update command in conflict ...
  4. my DCS export script looks that:
  5. Hi everybody I desesperatly can not make this work on my ipad with foreflight I copy the script as you said, i open the UDP port 49002 and 4353. I go to my forflight "device" option and nothing!! It's empty !!! What am I mistaking??
  6. Hi I encounter some troubles with helios UFC and UEFI for the hornet. The UEFI nozzle indicator needle don't move and is stuck to 0 The UFC ":" selected option indicatore is replace by a "1" when selected and "0" when unselected ...
  7. Daystorm would you share your Hornet profile? That's exactly what i try to do!!
  8. Since thé last update it’s impossible to get back to CCIP mode with the undesignate WPN. If you’Re on CCIP and you designate a waypoint as target you automaticly go to auto mode. Thé undesignate use to get you back to CCIP ... not since the last uptade for me :cry:
  9. Hi, I’ve got the same problem since last update ... one day i will ask ED my money back ....
  10. Hi everybody I'm using the wonderfull Capt Zeen F/A-18C Helios profile on a 24" touch screen and a 27" as main cockpit view. Helios works great but i'm in trouble with my DDI and AMPCD export. I can't deal the strokes definition between the DDI and AMPCD on the 24" with HELIOS and the HUD on the 27" main screen. With the DrawLineAsWire option to true the export are unreadable because too thin, if false there are too big. If i adjust the stroke def in the common multipurpose display script from 0.8/0.5 to 0.4/0.2, DDI and AMPCD in HELIOS are quite acceptable but the HUD in virtual cockpit is too thin!!! Is there a way to tune the stroke def of DDI/AMPCD independently from th HUD!! Sorry for my poor english writing Denver
  11. If I understand well, you take a regular 16 segment display, dismount the face and replace it with a home-made one that look's hornet's display?
  12. How the hell do you make your own 16 segment led screen???? It look's like a mix beetween matrix and segment led! And so tiny ... how do you do that???
  13. And obviously i hope it will be implement for radio channel change!! It's very unconfortable to go clicking with your mouse in the cockpit during combat flight!! Majority of ohter add-on have this option!!!
  14. I can't go threw mission 6 ... after taxiing behing the leader the runway access is blocked by a vehicule and my leader wait for him to move ... indefenently!!! :cry: Does anybody encounter this problem? And how to fix it?
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