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  1. Exactly fixing the core game does not generate money. How would a subscription look like? It coule be a way out but im very hesitant. I spend almost around 800€ on DCS over the past 5 years. Thats a lot of money for a video game. I racing costs around 100€/year. So will i get 8 years of free subscription or would those 800€ be gone? Id personally be really pissed if i had spend that much money and now need to pay to keep playing it. If they move to subscription they would also need to lower the module prices drastically. At least by 60-70%.
  2. OPEN BETA is what is advertised by ED. They release their new money horses on it and stable gets rarely updated. For example the JF17 has only been added 2 weeks ago although its released since December. On top of that even in stable there are a shitton of old bugs and problems. Its just not as critical as "you cant play at all anymore". Open Beta is a very good and usefull tool for the Devs and community if used right. The current Beta version is treated as an Dev Alpha. Critical and software breaking bugs get shipped to the customer. Basic functionality of the product is not guaranteed. That is ALPHA level of development not what a BETA is meant to be. Getting back to OP: Yes it would be very good to see them just merging features and updates as soon as they run well on OB to a stable version. I think the underlying issue with this is, that ED does not use a proper version control tool and they cant just update a few branches without using the whole thing. At least it seems to be the matter otherwise we would not see update after update where parts get left out or wrong versions being releases left and right. Its a serious issue.
  3. Im running that version. It seems though that increasing my pagefile from 16 to 40GB solved the issue for now.
  4. Hey guys, im having constant CTDs flying the JF17. First i thought it is connected to using the DL as it crashed very often when using it but i turned it off since and im still having random CTDs every now and then. The CTDs are so frequent, that landing after a sortie is like 50/50 chance if i CTD mid flight or not. So far i completly reinstalled DCS, which helped for a few flights but now the CTDs are back. Any help welcome :) BlueFlag - Persian Gulf v0.939 - F14 red.miz-dynamic-20200424-172812.trk Logs.rar
  5. That fixed it. Seems like the Torrent is extremely slow.... have never witnessed that before (playing DCS since 6 years now. Im located Munich Germany.
  6. Hey, im trying to update my gamefiles to the latest version..... as i took a bit of a pause its around 35GB update files. DCS Updaters Torrent runs with 264 peers and a DL Speed of 360 kb/s. At that point ordering a USB stick with the Data from Amazon would be faster than waiting for it to complete.... I know that after big updates the download speeds were low but catched up quickly after a couple hours.... this is now ongoing for hours and hours. Im at 10% after 3 hours... Anyone has an idea or workaround? Is Steam faster and then just Copy Paste files over and let DCS "repair" it?
  7. This is getting better and better :megalol:
  8. Considering what they have been releasing over the last few patches and what trivial bugs that pass their internal testing.... it could very well be. I mean they had to release without being broken aswell, first try.
  9. So we are getting a pay to play carrier while the Stennis model is still not correct and too small? :pilotfly:
  10. Im having the same issues in Multiplayer. 1. I uninstalled the F14 and reinstalled it. Did not have the time to fully reinstall DCS (takes quite a while to reinstalll all modules and maps again) 2. I did run a repair. Nothing was found. 3. I have a few custom cockpit mods for other modules but they should not interfere with the F14 (just visuals) 4. I7 7700K 4,5GHz, GTX 1060 6GB Vram, 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD with DCS on it 5. Pretty much happens everytime i fly the F14. When is random, sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours. It always happens when i use the PAL mode. It picks up a target, gets it locked and 1 second later i get booted to the dektop, no logfile, nothing. DCS just instantly crashes back to desktop. Sometimes it only affects my RIO. After locking someone up in PAL my RIO crashes to desktop. Afterwards i usually cant use my radar anymore as its more or less stuck. Sadly i do not have recordings of it or any track files. I try to get one if it happens again.... but it usually just crashes directly back to the desktop... 7. Just Discord and Simple Radio 8. Yes, up to date. Hope you guys find the issue.... really frustrating especially if you fly in Multiplayer and other people "depend" on you doing your job and you get randomly booted back to the desktop ^^
  11. Is this topic dead? Seems a bit sad since ED wants to release a "paid for" carrier simulation of the Nimitz (assuming it will be payware) while their "free" carrier isnt finished/wrong. Basically i will need to pay to get a correct carrier (assuming it will be modelled correctly this time) :noexpression:
  12. You also get a ghost TD box in the middle of your screen. No HMS TD Box and are unable to delock LTWS tracks sometimes. Really annyoing.
  13. Hey guys, the "ADV-" is always displayed on the left DDI even though all advisories have been cleared. At the moment it blocks all information displayed on the line of the selected DDI page. For example on the SA page it blocks out the BRA Information and the CHAFF/FLARE counters. Really limits the use of the left DDI. Is this intended behaviour on the F18C?
  14. That would explain why you cant see the TID repeater without having the longest neck known to mankind. Easiest workaround: Option to remove the stick.
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