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  1. Very well done post, and I fully support the request. Would be a great addition to mission building.
  2. I wish this would get some attention. AI need some desperate love across the sim, and this is one area in particular that just seems to have been abandoned once it got "good enough" for the initial release hype.
  3. Is there a new texture template available (I'm assuming it's different than the old A10C? -edit Disregard, just figured out, same skins, different folder works just fine! Really glad to see that we don't have to reproduce our work on a new template!
  4. Sorbus, I just ran across this, and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I have been using another version, its a little clunkier than this one. The ability to just throw a unit/group into the ME and be able to spawn it right up without having to go into the lua and add it is pretty amazing too! I've also been fighting with AI aircraft as the game master for my group lately, excited to be able to force them into a new orbit pattern without using the ridiculous CA pathing interface! Again, thank you for this amazing tool, its certainly going to make my life easier to give the boys a proper mission.
  5. Here's another crash log if it helps anything.. I guess next step is removing the A4 and seeing if it's still a thing. dcs.log
  6. Agreed - as a game master for co-op campaign, this is highly frustrating. I can hide the units from everyone, but then I can't see them on my map either. I hope it's still WIP
  7. My crash isnt CTD per se- the game freezes and goes into Not responding No custom affinity for me, doubt Thomas is either, its a brand new CPU for him
  8. Here's one of mine - should have the same crash on it. Linked to GDrive because its too big for the forum. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DfkoNUCY2rvHMz6N379xgfNCS_udNqHh/view?usp=sharing
  9. Firstly, I'm not sure if this is a Syria issue or CA itself. We ran a 10 mission co-op multiplayer campaign on PG and it was never an issue. I'm only noticing it now since the Syria update as we've only played this map. AI aircraft at some point will stop being responsive to commands. They do seem to accept the initial new path, after you have assigned them the NEXT path command. It is hard to explain, but extremely frustrating as a game master. They also seem to run into the ground significantly more than they used to.
  10. I am hosting a multiplayer co-op campaign on Syria. We have found that it is fairly common to have a DCS CTD when you zoom in too far on the F10 map. I haven't done more testing with the different map types, but ALT is what we are all in when it happens. It's happened to more than a few of us, so its obviously not just my setup. I will attach a miz file if it helps. Operation Wildcat II M8_V002.miz
  11. I've been looking around the map and have run across many cool little military bases or outposts. Is there a comprehensive map somewhere of these things for mission makers or are we on our own to scour the map and find interesting stuff? I know lots of the larger ones have those helpful labels on the map, but many of the smaller ones do not. Also helpful to have the SAM foundation rings and whatnot.
  12. Is it an intended feature for neutral units to always show up for the reds and blues on tactical commander screen? I feel like neutral Coalition should be treated with the same fog of war/detection parameters as the opposing forces. It really ruins the surprise, intrigue of having unidentified units on the battlefield when the GCI can just say, yeah don't worry about that one, it's no threat, and seeing neutral units on the ground across the map.
  13. There is what looks like an unintentional gap in the road at N 34-07' 08" / E 38 45'53" and, because it's so remote, its about a 100 mile detour to get around it. See attached screenshot.
  14. Yea you're right, after hours of frustration I fired up a clean map and got it to work, leading me to the threat thing. There was an SA6 that was looking at them from max range, they were just causually turning off towards the next waypoint, from about where the IP would be, leading me to believe they were just ignorning the command. Got them to do what I wanted and not even get shot at by setting it to no defense. It would be pretty nice, as the game maseter to be able to get some kind of indication on what the AI is currently up to: navigating, attacking, defending, etc. especially when you have to run the mission for several tens of minutes most times to see if the "thing" works.
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