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  1. Hot Damn. F-16A. Blk 5/10. No BVR.
  2. @BIGNEWYappreciate the reply. Agree that you have kept the community informed. Understand that you are only the messenger also. You are a conduit between ED and the community, and vice versa. I hope you relay to the powers what community sentiment is on various topics. Moving forward, perhaps the “no hotfix”/ fixed patch cycle policy should be reconsidered. ED already are not sticking to a schedule as evidenced by the delay in this update. Recognise that this problem (caused by Meta) rendered DCS totally unusable for a number of users, for weeks. ED could have fixed it. ED SHOULD have fixed it last week!
  3. @BIGNEWY the patch was supposed to be released a few days ago. Then we get told it will be the 10th. Should we realistically expect further delay? I think the lack of “hotfix” option is very frustrating. How many times an ED update “broke” something that required a hotfix, I cannot remember. Bad decision IMHO from a customer service perspective. i look forward to the next punter to post some sort of reply along the lines of “do you even code, bro?.” - joining my ignore list along with #shwitsbag or whatever their name is/was. Very unhappy at ED for having a fix, but not hotfixing.
  4. Is this a joke!? Told to wait for fix… Waited to be told when that would be. Waited until then Then told to wait some more. Not a happy customer. workarounds do not work for me. I didn’t pay to play in 2d.
  5. any chance we can get an estimate from ED on when fix/next update might be? Not happy that ED have elected not to hotfix for benefit of so many users.
  6. Very disappointed that there won’t be a hotfix. The workaround didn’t work for me. I’m AOG . When is the estimate for next patch? please review decision, thank you.
  7. Above workaround not working for me. DCS crashes during loading. V63 oculus app on PC. very frustrating!
  8. A all the way. Nostalgia. And AB takeoffs and cat shots.
  9. Hello, Experienced CV operator here, returning to the F/A-18 in 2.9 after a hiatus. Is anyone else noticing distinct ground effect over the ramp of SC causing flying out of slot and bolter? TIA
  10. Awesome Idea. I agree OnReTech should strive to improve assets already in the map. At the moment the Israeli bases have a a generally correct layout, but their appearance in-sim is only a passing resemblance to the real life facitities. Its an amazing 1st step, for which Im grateful - but a lot of improvements can be made. OnReTech - keep up the greast work. Our fingers a crossed that you will deliver!
  11. Hello, When on approach to many runways at most airports in Israel, there are trees close to or on the approach paths on short final. The F-16 profile is noticeably shallower than a conventional aircraft which is flying nominal 3 degrees approach (5%) to 1000’ aimpoint. F-16 is 2.5 degrees to threshold which results in many trees interfering with correct procedure. Please remove trees in approach splays. Thank you
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