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  1. I too have a relationship with both aircraft. I own both and have developed a good understanding of both The F-14 is pure passion for me. Heatblur created a stunning beauty. She's so entertaining to fly and a challenge to fly well. Analog, steam driven and pure nostalgia. YMMV, but my experience, flying SP, is that Jester AI is not good enough. Having said that - I'm so happy trying to perfect my CASE 1 CV flying, A-A refuelling and BFM against AI - Most of your learning in F-14 will be "handling" her. you will need good flight controls to take advantage of this The Hornet is more advanced with a LOT of bells n whistles. Designed for operation by single crew member, I can do more with "it". But thats not the point. "It" is digital, quite modern, VERY easy to fly. Most of your learning will be "systems". You will need good HOTAS to take advantage of this. Do you want "Handling" and passion or "Systems" and effectiveness? I fly F-14. Anytime, Baby. Good luck and enjoy whatever you choose.
  2. I had this too yesterday SP Fear the bones mission #1
  3. Hello, Could you please advise if HB are planning to implement oleo strut compression? For example, prior to releasing brakes before takeoff, the aircraft should compress the nose wheel strut upon thrust increase. The strut extends when brakes release. I suspect that modelling of the strut compression would be in conjunction with a broader (needed) improvement to ground handling characteristics. Thank again!
  4. Currently the LE Slat indication does not function as per NATOPS. We should see hashed box, currently we have “Slats retracted” (0 deg) indication. Could someone please indicate whether this is on the fix list? Thank you
  5. Please consider with pilot update. Thank you!
  6. G'day, Cant find a previous report for this. Version 1.8.6. (DSC 2.7) AoA Indicator wont display for F-14A-GR-135. Seem to work ok for F-14B. Any ideas? Thank you Dave
  7. Hello, I would like to initiate a discussion on the desirability of an AH-6J/MH-6J module for DCS - specifically a Polychop Simulations created module. With the experience gained on Gaz and OH-58, via SMEs connected to PC, they are well placed to take this on. Please refrain from comments like "you wont get any documentation" - I can neither confirm or deny the existence of supporting documentation for this module, For the purposes of this discussion lets ASSUME that PC could technically make this module.. IF we could have an AH/MH-6J......who would be interested?
  8. Hi @IronMikeThanks for a comprehensive update. Related to: Fixed RIO Airspeed indicator bugs not being able to be set. The pilots ASI bugs still function incorrectly - There is no use in having "settable" bugs if the bugs don't work as they should. Both bugs keep IMN as opposed toeing able to bug IAS. This has been reported in the past, is there any chance it can be corrected? Kind regards, Dave
  9. Document refers to integration of ATAS onto "A" model birds, there is very little commonality between an "A" model and a Block II D model. How about leaving the decision on weather it is technically "do-able" to actual SMEs?. There are numerous open-source references to FMS customers using ATAS. We all understand it was not done in US ARMY service, and ED may choose not to implement it due to historical accuracy reasons - but your post, is utter rubbish from a technical perspective. If ED has the relevant information - it could be done. Why do people talk so much crap about things they know nothing about? @kreisch et al: wearing your tag "ED Closed Beta Testers Team" does not grant you any credibility. Any forum user identifying association as part of ED's team should be held to higher standard in regard to presenting information. Just sayin'
  10. Just throwing my hat in the ring .....I would love ATAS (accurate or not.) As an aside, I have no idea why ED are stating a 2002 model, when their manual incorporates Change 5, 2005. It just says “2002” on the front cover.
  11. @ mods - could we resurrect this discussion and shift it to the AH-64 section. since the OP started this discussion 2007, VR has come to the fore, and provides the ability to overcome many of the issues described. how ED implements IHADDS and different FOVs between eyes remains to be seen.
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