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  1. I know right? Vietnam era in dcs is dead and people should get over themselves about it. Personally I enjoy the skill involved in modern jets soooo much more than random sparrow failures and having to get VID on a target before shooting at it.
  2. It should be showing ground speed because it is a VSTOL aircraft, therefore it needs accurate ground speed info to land in VSTOL mode. There may be a way to get IAS but I just leave it in TAS.
  3. In multiplayer servers I have been toying around with the jf-17 but it seems that every time im able to get a shot off within the "shoot" queue, the sd-10 always seems to miss the plane no matter what. I dont have tacview so im not exactly sure whats going on, but something seems very awry here. The 120 seems to be working just fine, so im not sure if this is an issue of the warhead not going off or if it is an issue of the missile completely going off course. If anyone could give me insight as to why this may be the case, id appreciate hearing it.
  4. Are you aware that there is a manual chaff and flare dispense? You can set up your own programming as well. I'm a bit confused by your statement here :huh:
  5. That just means that you are not picking him up for some other reason. Just because you see them on your datalink does not mean that you can see them on your radar. I have seen this many times in many different servers. You just have to make sure that you are getting the correct elevation scan, and any other factors that may mask him from you. I'm really not sure of the circumstances that you were fighting in.
  6. yea jester can be a pain in the ass to deal with. i would much prefer a human rio, but i dont have one. with a human rio you can choose tws targets, while jester just randomly chooses them out of nowhere, so you have to stt the target that you want.
  7. The brakes are what they are. They are pretty weak, so you just have to learn to deal with them. Although on landing, you can pitch up on the runway about 5 to 10 degrees attitude until 130kts, which basically makes your plane a massive airbrake. After that you nose down and continue to slow down with brakes. It really shortens your braking distance.
  8. So we are paying money for a carrier? This really sounds silly. Why should I pay money for a large carrier when I can use the Kuznetsov or the Stennis? I just don't see the point. Supposedly there will be some relaxing room, but this is digital combat simulator, not digital meeting simulator. This is also not digital navigating to a carrier simulator. I'm sure some people will pay for this, but a good amount of people wont pay 50 bucks for some carrier. It would be nice just to have it as an AI model, not as a paid module, so that way everyone can utilize this, but time will tell.
  9. Imagine unironically complaining about how the Viper is unrealistic and how you want it to be the realest thing ever, yet you complain about a slight yellow tint in the canopy as if its a massive deal breaker, and the worst thing ever. It's about as realistic as you will get, so stop complaining about it like a child. Oh my gosh, who cares if you have to see the green color of the trees slightly brownish? This is so childish. :megalol::doh:
  10. How do you restrict weapons loadouts for different planes in the editor?
  11. I turned on the IFF and I am pretty sure that the IFF does not work. If anyone can say otherwise, let me know.
  12. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I've tried that before but I guess not lmao.
  13. In terms of systems the tomcat is a bit easier to learn. But God help you if you don't have a RIO. The Jester menu is annoying as hell to use despite that it is intuitive. It just takes too much time to tell him what to do. But the Hornet is a bit more complicated to learn in terms of systems. But it is actually intuitive and you can often figure things out by yourself. But with the Hornet, you can turn on your auto throttle and point your aircraft wherever and let go of the stick and throttle. The fly by wire will hold your speed and general attitude. So you can mess around with the systems for your weapons much easier. You don't even need autopilot.
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