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  1. Hunting helicopter with a helicopter with huey is the most fun and demands some skills and balls . If there would be a flat desert terrain, then huey is difficult against apache and hind since they have Petrovič and Gorgi because of theirs weapon range.
  2. Tolovay - Blue- Huey , I know whatever i want but huey is deadly weapon. My personal record is 5 Ka-50 shoot down in 20 minutes with a huey
  3. Numbers you see are just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of players are not even registered on forums NOR care about multiplayer. And when you start to calculate how many people are getting salary from DCS, those cash number are actualy not that big.
  4. i won't disclose this since it is not first hand info.
  5. I've heard over 1.000.000 copies of this module were sold. Multiply this with a price and you starting ask yourself: A manual is a problem? For that money? Hmmmmm. A manual is not a problem. Why would anyone develop systems so deep knowing they can be taken down by government and then not describe them in manual? It would be a complete waste of time.
  6. 37. Sqn Black squares, Tolovay, Mig-29A
  7. Like someone that posted this reply
  8. Soon, there will be a slider for seabed flatnesss .
  9. As Mjugen said, we don't have those things on. So I don't see it. Well, now I see. With that kind of PC it really does not matter if you have all updates. Anyway, price/performance ratio with 3090 is laughable. I also wish to see also his settings in DCS and nvidia control panel. But with my I7 and 1080ti, G2 reverb, z390 and some 32gigs, it does matter. And as I'm noticing DCS is becoming more demanding each year while the majority of players (my pure guess) can't follow this. Because they don't have that kind of money (we all know how f... is market right now because of those f... bitcoin miners) or they are just not that crazy to spend so much money on overpriced, lottery defective GPU's and other components. And with my 1300€ spent on DCS modules, I can be pissed off. Pissed off on rotating ventilators on climatization devices in Nevada map, nipples, nuts, bicycles and all those worthless things that are really not important because if you are serious flyer in DCS, those little things don't count. You can't see them. And it pisses me off cause DCS engine still is limited and it can not fully exploit hardware. And unimportant things are added, eating away those precious resources. That was my 50 cents. If my GPU die before prices drops, goodbye DCS for long time .
  10. Tell me please, what is a "strong" system? I realy wish to know. It is not a troll question.
  11. SW from mountain Elbrus is a place for helicopters. Flat plain terrain is just borring. Not enough challenge . Just like DCS with old, unusable clouds.
  12. I've checked frame rate for VR. Well, in single mode it is ok for my settings and HW.
  13. Hueys with miniguns kills FPS like hell. But Mariana for us with VR is not good. I should move from 1080ti to 3090 but graphic cards are still ridicules' expensive. But without VR, I have ALOT of FPS to spend
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