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  1. Thanks for a great campaign! I'm on mission 3 and the immersion is great, love the immersion with the radio comms and flying to those groovy tunes. :thumbup: I had a small issue in mission 1, I messed up and crashed the cargo (the crate did land where it was supposed to, but a little too hard :music_whistling: ) and after that there was a single radio msg from the troops, something about receiving fire. After that, no radio messages or anything to indicate the status of mission. I was unsure what to do, so i returned to FARP, landed and ended the mission. The mission was passed. So not a mission critical bug, but it would add to the immersion if there was a radio msg or some status update if the cargo crashes.
  2. For the tactical training campaign you also need to purchase the a10c warthog dlc. if you have it already, you should see tactical training in your campaigns list. Not sure what happens if you have the campaign dlc but not the prerequisite airplane dlc. Sent from my K3 Note using Tapatalk
  3. OCULUS PROBLEMS (Edit:) I reread your post and i guess you already answered my question, it's a mystery why oculus doesn't work on that laptop. I also googled it and seems that many people find that the minidp adapter helps.
  4. I was able to finish the mission after quite a few tries. The smoke made it a bit more difficult than was necessary.
  5. I'm stuck in mission 8, where you're supposed to land into a tight spot with lots and lots of smoke. I usually get 60-80 fps, but all that smoke brings the fps to <10 range, just when i'm trying to touch down, and i invariably crash to something. I've tried lowering the resolution and turned off HDR, but to no avail. - Is there a specific setting that would make smoke faster to render? - or a mod to turn off smoke or make it less demanding computationally? - or a way to edit the smoke in the mission editor? Any suggestions would be most welcome. [edit: sorry, i meant it's mission 9]
  6. Workaround I'm running the Steam version, can't downgrade DCS, and was struggling with this mission, as the cargo wouldn't hook no matter what i did. But then i fired up the editor, and moved the huey and the landing pad 50 meters outside the starting compound, and ran the mission straight from the editor. With those steps, the cargo worked like a charm. Until i crashed it that is :joystick: After a few tries i managed to finish the mission. I guess because it's a dlc, the editor can't save the mission so a little tinkering to the logbook.lua is needed to proceed in the campaign. It would be really nice to get the bug fixed. Still, i'm really enjoying the campaign so far. :thumbup:
  7. It's most likely the low rpm alarm, the 20min fuel hasn't got a warning sound. Just ease on the collective slightly to silence it. Sent from my Lenovo K50-t5 using Tapatalk
  8. Check this out: http://www.roadtovr.com/vive-get-eye-tracking-add-optional-corrective-lenses/ Apparently there's a foveated eye tracking add on coming soon for vive. It works out of the box for any software if you are running nvidia graphics card. It gives extra headroom for gpu by reducing graphics processing for the peripheral vision area that our eyes aren't capable of seeing in detail anyways. This could give a nice boost for dcs as well.
  9. Is this campaign going to be in the Steam store soon? I'll buy it the second it lands there.
  10. Works like a charm. Good job emolina! :thumbup:
  11. I think the latest dcs (steam) update might have broken these missions. I flew a couple of them two weeks ago, but after coming home and updating dcs via steam, the missions (for example the third annotated one) hang about two seconds after the mission has started. The whole dcs hangs, and windows terminates the process. Perhaps the scripts have an incompatibility with the latest dcs? I ran the "check the integrity of game cache" in steam, all ok. I'm able to fly other huey missions, just not these generated ones. In the dcs log file, after MOOSE starts to run, there is an error: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at D957D787 00:00000000, and dump files are generated. If it's of help, i can upload the dump files. Anybody else having similar problems?
  12. It works! Thanks for the tip emolina, calling F10->F1->F1->F1 worked. I was confused by the language in the menu, i thought that the word 'extract' meant 'extract from the aircraft', but i guess it means 'extract from the situation'. :)
  13. Where is the pickup zone? Great work! :thumbup: I have a small problem though, I tried the very first, easiest annotated mission (Flight-0001 D01 TRNSPRT FARP TO A 1500H 10C CLD1-10 AT6200 TO6900 WND08 FRM130). but could not load troops. I called F10->F1->F1->F3 (Load standard group), but the response was "You are not in the pickup zone". I tried this while landed, in various spots in the FARP where the troops should be loaded from if i understood the mission correctly. Where should i land to pick up the troops? I'm running the latest steam version of DCS.
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