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  1. I keep getting this error but cant find anything on it. Any tips?
  2. Turned out to be a server setting that seemed a bit counter intuitive as its actually still on even when Easy com text and check mark is greyed out and says "Easy com no (Local)" when you look at the server in the MP list. It would be good if this stay white
  3. It does the same thing (MP Wildcats server) and It was not an issue previous patch so as far as i can see its something that has been introduced now. Easy coms is also: no (local) on the server so it should be off but i see i do get frequencies up in the radio menu so it may be on anyway or it could be a script thing. In SP and easy coms off it does not shift into the frequency but it does when easy com is on.
  4. Hello Openbeta MP, Syria tested. UHF and VHF Presets will change to the frequency, front DED and in coms page when contacting any option such as ATC or Tanker via radio menu. There is no change in the actual set presets. See track. PMC_SYRIA-20210919-153305.trk
  5. Thank you I do use those functions. But its those pesky ones you dont see that gets you So its better to have a trigger in the script that detects it as soon as it hits and before the rig throws you out.
  6. Haven't done any scientific tests but its been known for quite a while and i hope they sort it properly in the coming months as its high on ED's roadmap list. " "The planned poll features to be delivered by the end of 2021 for DCS: F-16C Viper includes: Flight model and FLCS tuning. This focuses on angle of attack and G, and we believe it will result in more accurate sustained turn performance, instantaneous turn"
  7. I see sizes seems to be have been increased in the latest patch but its just as dim. Hope there will be more to come real soon
  8. Its far to dim. Struggle to see it. Its not just in VR
  9. In for example Pt Mover you have a ground and air setting. Since this is mainly a sway issue when starting to move you can set a spike filter on that force alone on the ground and not have this issue. I dont know how their software works but i would ask them for these options.
  10. Please provide a reference for ok. KFA 3090 gaming AMD 5900X All nvidia drivers. Steam VR 1.18.7 Pitool 271 FW 298 75hz Current in use Pimax 8k X .Also included and tested but no longer in posession. Hp reverb G2, Vive pro 2 . Settings = VR presets 2x AA (and anything in between really) Any PD ranging from 2200 to 5500. Its better or worse depending on SS and AA. At the top of those ranges its mostly gone but not quite. With the current VR performance its limited what you can turn on in terms of AA. Also acknowledged by me and others in 2d. On the text i show in the video it will flicker as long as a cloud or i suppose white is in the background. On the blue sky there are no issues. Planes in general are most affected if you have a cloud and the sun in this orientation. The same goes for hills.
  11. While some are a bit blunt my OP post isnt. There's also a fair few of graphical issues in DCS that has been there for years and they just dont acknowledge it so stop excusing it . Shadows, Soft shadow transition, massive shadow flickering. Ultra shadows was removed from menu but no mention why. They seem to have no ill effects. Visibility issues depending on resolution. How hard is it really to implement if resolution is XX then do XX pixels for dot instead of just one pixel? Not very id imagine and this is well documented. We had an enhance model size at one point but removed. Im essentially blind in VR until it becomes a 3d model with my 4k HMD and its the same on my 4k monitor, Ground and air units. Yes DCS clouds are a new thing but there seems to be a massive lighting issue in DCS and while you can get away with in 2D its extremely noticeable in VR. Its almost impossible to convey trough video and especially with YT compression but if you look closely on this video you will see that any text in front of the clouds will start to shimmer like crazy. Since this also feels like a lighting issue the same goes for aliased roads, runway textures, well game wide really. Surely something could be done about this edge reflection shimmer? AA does help somewhat but not much. Supersampling has marginal effects. And here's one just flying in 2d with no AA on which was perfectly fine before but no longer. You get a sense from the fences and such how it generally feels in VR, just much worse with the magnification.
  12. It really feels to me that the new clouds and system since 2.7 introduce a huge amount of shimmering/aliasing that wasnt there before. You can see this really well if your wingman is flying in front of any clouds and on hillsides where there are clouds behind. Roads as well. In short it affect everything. In VR the picture is boiling. Its honestly so bad it shouldn't be acceptable. I would add videos and screenshots but its so easy to see that its not possible to not be aware of it. While i love the clouds its made the game a nightmare in VR. I would really appreciate it if you could start looking at all the graphic bugs cause there are many.
  13. These are the brand used in the FSSB. They also sell adehsive https://www.hbm.com/en/9803/strain-gauges-for-experimental-stress-analysis/
  14. Hello Im trying to figure out how i can make a if else condition so that i stop an export script or execute a autohotkey file when the player is dead, the aircraft damaged etc. This must execute regardless of mission MP SP and so on. I find it really hard to find any proper information on the triggers and how to do it but i remember i ran a dofile autohotkey file 10 years back on server restart so it should be possible --[[ DCS LUA SCRIPT FOR FLYPT MOVER 2.9.8 ==================================== Version from 18 04 2020 This file should be placed in the folder "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Hooks". If the "Hooks" folder doen's exist, create it. ]]-- local FlyPT_Mover_Callbacks = {} function FlyPT_Mover_Callbacks.onSimulationStart() log.write('FlyPT_Mover', log.INFO, "Starting data export") package.path = package.path..";.\\LuaSocket\\?.lua" package.cpath = package.cpath..";.\\LuaSocket\\?.dll" socket = require("socket") DCSClient = socket.udp() DCSClient:settimeout(0) DCSIP = "" DCSPort = 4124 -- If changed, the source should match this value DCSClient:setpeername(DCSIP, DCSPort) end function FlyPT_Mover_Callbacks.onSimulationFrame() local acceleration = Export.LoGetAccelerationUnits() local speed = Export.LoGetVectorVelocity() local pitch, roll, yaw = Export.LoGetADIPitchBankYaw() local rotationSpeed = Export.LoGetAngularVelocity() local altitude = Export.LoGetAltitudeAboveGroundLevel() local o = Export.LoGetSelfData() --[[ LatLongAlt.Lat -- Latitude in degress LatLongAlt.Long -- Longitude in degress LatLongAlt.Alt -- Altitude in meters MSL Heading -- Heading in radians Pitch -- Pitch in radians Bank -- Bank in radians ]]-- local mechInfo=Export.LoGetMechInfo() --[[ gear = {status,value,main = {left = {rod},right = {rod},nose = {rod}}} flaps = {status,value} speedbrakes = {status,value} refuelingboom = {status,value} airintake = {status,value} noseflap = {status,value} parachute = {status,value} wheelbrakes = {status,value} hook = {status,value} wing = {status,value} canopy = {status,value} controlsurfaces = {elevator = {left,right},eleron = {left,right},rudder = {left,right}} ]]-- local alarm = Export.LoGetMCPState() --[[ returned table keys for LoGetMCPState(): "LeftEngineFailure" "RightEngineFailure" "HydraulicsFailure" "ACSFailure" "AutopilotFailure" "AutopilotOn" "MasterWarning" "LeftTailPlaneFailure" "RightTailPlaneFailure" "LeftAileronFailure" "RightAileronFailure" "CanopyOpen" "CannonFailure" "StallSignalization" "LeftMainPumpFailure" "RightMainPumpFailure" "LeftWingPumpFailure" "RightWingPumpFailure" "RadarFailure" "EOSFailure" "MLWSFailure" "RWSFailure" "ECMFailure" "GearFailure" "MFDFailure" "HUDFailure" "HelmetFailure" "FuelTankDamage" ]]-- local stall = 0 for k,v in pairs(alarm) do if k == "StallSignalization" then if v == true then stall = 1 end end end -- local engine = LoGetEngineInfo() --[[ RPM = {left, right},(%) Temperature = { left, right}, (Celcium degrees) HydraulicPressure = {left ,right},kg per square centimeter FuelConsumption = {left ,right},kg per sec fuel_internal -- fuel quantity internal tanks kg fuel_external -- fuel quantity external tanks kg ]]-- -- The FlyPT Mover uses Z for vertical and Y to the front -- That's the opposite in DCS -- Values sent in one string, separated by spaces socket.try(DCSClient:send( -- 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 string.format("%.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f", acceleration.x, -- 00 = Lateral acceleration (G) acceleration.z, -- 01 = Lateral acceleration (G) acceleration.y, -- 02 = Vertical acceleration (G) speed.x, -- 03 = Lateral speed (m/s) speed.z, -- 04 = Longitudinal speed (m/s) speed.y, -- 05 = Vertical speed (m/s) rotationSpeed.y, -- 06 = Rotation speed around y (yaw in rad/s) rotationSpeed.x, -- 07 = Rotation speed around x (roll in rad/s) rotationSpeed.z, -- 08 = Rotation speed around z (pitch in rad/s) o.Heading, -- 09 = Yaw position (rad) o.Bank, -- 10 = Roll position (rad) o.Pitch, -- 11 = Pitch position (rad) Export.LoGetTrueAirSpeed(), -- 12 = Air speed (m/s) Export.LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(1), -- 13 = Front/Rear landing gear (0 to 1)? Export.LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(2), -- 14 = Turning landing gear (0 to 1)? Export.LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(4), -- 15 = Left landing gear (0 to 1)? Export.LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(6), -- 16 = Right landing gear (0 to 1)? Export.LoGetAltitudeAboveGroundLevel(), -- 17 = Vertical position relative to ground (m) mechInfo.flaps.value, -- 18 = Flaps amount (%) mechInfo.gear.value, -- 19 = Delployed landing gear (%) mechInfo.speedbrakes.value, -- 20 = Speed brakes (%) mechInfo.canopy.value, -- 21 = Canopy open (%) stall, -- 22 = Stall alarm (0 or 1) Export.LoGetModelTime() -- 23 = Time in seconds ))) end function FlyPT_Mover_Callbacks.onSimulationStop() log.write('FlyPT_Mover', log.INFO, "Data export stopped") if DCSClient then DCSClient:close() end end DCS.setUserCallbacks(FlyPT_Mover_Callbacks)
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