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  1. Hi, I had a crazy audio problem yesterday, think it was related to SRS, not sure. But every now and again when someone talked over SRS the audio volume would jump to max for a few seconds, loud enough to get to the point I'd have to take my headphones off, absolutely deafening. Would seem to happen randomly, but only whenever someone started to talk over the radio.
  2. If buildings and tree are causing a drop in FPS, try setting Object Terrain Shadows to flat, this really helped with frame drops. DCS - Object shadows - Default Frames: 7308 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 60.900 - Min: 39 - Max: 74 DCS - Object shadows - Flat Frames: 9152 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 76.267 - Min: 63 - Max: 96
  3. This matches my findings. I could not see any noticeable difference using an of the Nvidia CP settings or re shade. MSAA has by far the most impact along with AF.
  4. Hi There's an issue with copying 2.2 files between drives. :badmood: Just would not copy from my 2.2 install. Found a backup of 1.5 on my other drive and it copied the files straight away.
  5. I had the same thing, do you have your 1.5.8 and 2.2 installs on separate drives by any chance?
  6. Mine did that, turned out it couldnt copy the files for some reason (the install is on a separate drive don't know if that matters) so now its downloading the full 44GB :doh:
  7. What are the possibilities of this being ported to 2.5? I can't imagine it "just working"
  8. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in over the years just so we could have fun. Its appreciated :)
  9. Ok I got you, but what I dont get is that the manual also states B as a warmup mode and A as automatic? Either way it confused the hell out of me, but now I know and will test later tonight :thumbup:
  10. Ok, the manual confused me I will try B-[F-K] though I don't understand how you can have 3 settings with only 2 dials??
  11. Yes it was emitting, think I was using setting A-K on the U22/A. I don't know if this is the correct setting though. And yes I kept my altitude very low, around 50m or below.
  12. I didn't find jamming to be any more effective. Just staying low seems to help. For some reason (with and without jamming), the SAM's will explode in mid air on the way towards me, is that what they do if they lose contact or some kind of bug? Either way, its only when this happened I was able to sneak in and get a launch and then escape very very quickly.
  13. How do you jam and use the rbo4? Its on the same hard point?
  14. For me the size is fine, it fits on my 2nd monitor nicely. I would say the width is near maximum though.
  15. Same. I set up a simple landing mission with the jet pretty much on the approach. The whole thing lasted maybe 5 minutes. It pretty much when out of sync instantly, the track altitude was too high, it had me flaring at about 200m and dropping like a stone onto the runway. Amusing. I've had tracks record for maybe 5 10 mins, but I've had some lose sync before even taking off.
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