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  1. I dont have the Dell monitor which u have but i have an ASUS PG278QR with also 144Hz. I turned off all G-Sync things and V-Sync things. Then i locked my FPS via RivaTuner to 60FPS for DCS and as well for TrackIR (dont know if this makes anything but we have the Head turning window were we have a 3D things running). This gives me according to FPS and FrameTime really kind of no stutter or more no stutter at all. The graphs shows only minimum action in lagging or stutter. May this can help to reduce the last of stutter which u have but if u feel comfortable with that what u got then let it like it is.
  2. U are using MSAA and SSAA? I would suggest to use MSAA 2x or MSAA 4x without using SSAA and see what u got. Or take MSAA off and use SSAA. But both in combination is kind of hard for the performance.
  3. Can u get a little bit more specific ? Which aircraft ? Only this inside on aircraft or other ones as well? Which Displays exactly ? Do u had installed some software for external MPCD displays ? What about other objects inside the cockpit like switches, Stick, Throttle stick etc ? Do u have any other mods installed for your DCS ? Any drivers Nvidia/Oculus u installed new recently ? If its only the MPCD Displays then maybe something is wrong with a config file but yeah not sure for 100% that this could be the case.
  4. Yeah when something isnt there it should be created. For me your statements sounds like "With the update u get a autoexec.cfg which contains the new option" I know that this shall not be the case because every autoexec.cfg is unique. For someone who hasnt got experience with these thinks it would be good to give the advice to create or edit the user specific "autoexec.cfg". But please see this only as a improvement suggestion for the topic which BIGNEWY created. :)
  5. Ich dont have the issue but i noticed that with the last OpenBeta Update no "autoexec.cfg" can be found. When i remember right this one goes to the C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config folder? Nothing inside there.
  6. As well check your windows power settings . Sometimes after Windows Updates its set automatically to Balanced. Make shure its on High Performance.
  7. Yeah stuttering itself needs first a definition but u cant make a definition which is for verybody the same. For example some arent seeing differences in a normal 1040 Youtube video and a 1040@60FPS video. This is our human beeing. everybody is different. Maybe someone would say i dont see stuttering were others would say they see it. Its the same like someone would say ah VR isnt sharp enough were other would say the picture is clearly sharp. This depends on your eyes which is a human factor. As i said earlier this option which i presented in the first thread is only the last way if someone tried already everything and have the possibilities to give this a try. The good thing is that we only can sort out problems if we speak to each other were its obvious for others to see that one person had a problem and how they fixed it. Thats why we have a community to share and solve together problems. In the past months we already gained a lot of information were to look at and we had now after several months the first sticky topic (malwarebytes). This is in my opinion a hint to share more about our experiences to help others and maybe to create later on a "guide" were to look at if someone got a "stuttering" related problem. I get sick of it when someone has a question , found a solution but you never here from them again because for them the problem is solved and they may not care about others who maybe has the same problem.
  8. Is the Catch the Airfield an Online Multiplayer Mission to find on a Server ? Or online private Multiplayer Mission ? Would nice to take a look into that :-) And they myself to get some SAMS down.
  9. Did u used the SA Page in your Hornet? Did u had your DL On ? These could give u an approx estimated area were to look for the SAM Sites. As @Harker said its helpful to have a buddy ho can try for go near to the sam and u can find out were the sams are shooting from. Do u have some Hills around the Area were u might think the SAM Sites are ? If yes then try to lock the target from a safe position and go hided behind hills as near as possible to the SAM site. Then u need to be fast to bring your bomb into the Range. Try to find an entry point were u get out of the hiding which is nearest as possible. And also try to find an escape route were u can hide yourself as fast as possible after pickle the bomb. For the lightning u can see the area within approx 48nm. If u can stay high and 25-30.000 feet and look directly after going into the 48nm u have some time to find and lock the target for the MSN page of your bomb. Then turn back and go low and hided. HARM or JSOW are good for deploy in a quite safe area but some SAM Sites will shoot them down because they can and will track them. I try to use GBU-38 Bombs. But its a bit tricky and need practice to get them off in a close range. I also try to make kinda TOSS Bombing. This gives me the chance to be low and in the last moment i can reduce the IN RNG distance. But im not an Pro or something like that and there are several options to approach something like this. But in the past few sessions this worked kinda nice to destroy some SAM-Sites.
  10. Yeah i know. It didnt gave me before i made a fresh reinstall of Windows not the result it wanted. And yeah its right that its recommended to lock and hold steady 60FPS. Which im currently doing via Riva Tuner Statistic Server. But if u cant hold the 60FPS because windows is doing spooky things in the backround u will dip under 60FPS even u drop 2-3 frames TrackIR dont like this. Therefore my intention was to get rid of all shitty things which get there way into my windows during the past months/years. U can make researches and investigations to sort out every spooky program in your system but u will never get it as clean as a fresh install. I tried everything apart from windows OS itself. I tried RTSS, pagefile, high/ultimate power management, several nvidia drivers (with DDU Tool), fresh install of DCS, several settings for DCS and also Nvidia Inspector, BIOS update, different clocking programs for my CPU and GPU, different USB Plugs for TrackIR, several settings for TrackIR, closing Kaspersky AntiVirus, different SSD also M.2, deactication of dcs.exe compatibility fullscreen optimization and several thigns which i dont remember now. So i would say i tried everything. And i came to the conclusion that my Windows was my bottleneck to get rid of every single little amount of stutter. I know u will never get it to 100% but for my i would say im at 99,9995% were i want to have it. And this topic which i created shouldnt start a discussion to were to look at its only a way which i didnt saw during the several post's related to Stuttering with DCS and TrackIR. And it should be the last solution if somebody has the chance to go this way and to give it a try.
  11. Kaspersky AntiVirus. Yeah i read that Thread and this is also for many a solution. As i said my explanation should be last solution if nothing works. For me this was the way to get rid off the stuttering. As well i noticed to search the problem not in DCS .
  12. Dear DCS Community. I'm following the "Stuttering" topics now for several months. I also tried to find answers or to see how we can find a possibility to solve these issues. This topic, especially because of use of TrackIR, has a wide range and a huge impact for many players around here. Every PC and every Windows is different in which components u have, which programs u use etc. Therefore its nearly impossible to find a perfect answer for our issues. Even completely reinstalling DCS didnt gave me a satisfying result. For me i found a solution which i know isnt possible for every body and which sounds kind of brutal but gave me a nearly 100% satisfying solution. Install a clean and fresh version of your Windows10 This was the only way for me to get a crisp and smooth DCS experience. At the moment i only have installed the necessary programs to run my PC and DCS 2.5. U dont even need to get rid of your old Windows because a invest into a 250gb SSD to run windows on it isnt that much anymore. I have fairly descend hardware installed but at the moment with only the neccesary stuff to run Windows and DCS its totally fine. My Specs: Windows 10 64bit Pro Intel i7 7700k @4,6 Ghz ASUS Z270H Gaming Mainboard ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 ROG Strix OC 8GB Gaming 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX schwarz DDR4-2666 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit ASUS PG278QR Monitor TrackIR 5 850 Watt Enermax Revolution87+ Modular 80+ Gold Nvidia Driver: 399.24 Samsung 250gb SSD 840 Pro Series (Windows10) Samsung M.2 500gb SSD 960 EVO (DCS) Attachted u see my ingame settings(sorry its in german) and a screenshot of how it looks for me. I get a solid 60FPS in Multiplayer with 20+ Player on Caucasus even on ground. FPS locked via Riva Statistic Tuner. Also with my Oculus Rift and a OTT Tool 1.5 PD , ingame 0.5 PD, i got solid 45 FPS with average DCS Settings. But this i didnt tested a lot so i have not enough info's to give for this. Also in Multiplayer scenario. I know that this solution is not possible for everybody but if u get the chance to do this i highly recommend to do. This also give me more information that in my opinion to search the problems for stuttering inside DCS was wrong because my Windows was the bottleneck. I see that many of u noticed FPS loss in the last Update of DCS 2.5 Open Beta but there were also a lot of Windows updates in the past few weeks. This gave me the inertial kick to try out a clean reinstall of Windows. Keep in mind that the statements are my opinion i cant give u a spreadsheet with proofed figures to tell that this was to 100% the reason because i had a lot of shit installed on my pc and even u delete every single file of a program u never get rid of it until u do a clean reinstall of windows. If u have any further question of what i installed now to run everything let me know but as i said i only installed the basic stuff.
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