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  1. Placed and payed my order feb 26 and still no trackingnumber...
  2. I think it's very individual. For me the body always looked like a small alien. Now I set it to 53 and everything looks like real world! :thumbup:
  3. Operation piercing fury mission 2: Helicopter can't land at LZ for F/A 18 pilot. Too many trees. Helicopter just hovers over him.
  4. I've tried most settings with my GTX 1070 and I prefer a smooth sim experience and a clear view (my eyes don't like blurry pictures). So I turned deferred shading OFF, no shadows, PD 1.7 and MSAA 2x, textures high. It works really well and good performance. I have no problem reading the chat in MP or looking at the radar, for example. Sure I would like to fly with deferred shading ON but for now I prefer performance over nice lighting effects. The lower contrast with deferred shading off really helps with clarity in the Rift displays. Trees look ugly in the summer with deferred shading off. When in a jet I turn them off for better performance. When upp in the skies I don't see the trees anyway :smilewink:
  5. It makes sense because I had the problem with clicking when assigning the buttons in DCS. If you assign in a target script you can hold the buttons and it keeps rotating. You can even change how fast you want it to turn by changing the numbers in the script. Just assign any button to the mouse z axis :thumbup: Example: MapKey(&Throttle, MSL, AXIS(MOUSE_Z_AXIS, -2, 20)); MapKey(&Throttle, MSR, AXIS(MOUSE_Z_AXIS, 2, 20));
  6. It's "OK". It takes some time to get used to it. I don't use it very often. I have also set up my mic-button on the throttle to control the mouse: center press - center mouse (script in target) up - left click down - right click fwd - scroll up aft - scroll down This way it's very easy to just look at a MFD-button (or any button) in VR and press it, or a rotary and turn it. I check the "Use mouse" box in "VR" menu in DCS so I can use the mouse if I need to click a button in an odd location.
  7. Compact seat made of a dining chair with legs cut off to make it lower. Throttle and mousepad can be folded for easy storage. Only one MFD but with pinkyswitch held in (modifier in DCS) I can press the buttons on the other MFD. May mount the other MFD on the mousepad. Under the seat is a USB-hub = just one cable to the computer :thumbup: When in VR i can look at the throttle or stick in DCS and it's in the right position and easy to find.
  8. Yes, it's the only card. For USB you plug in the RJ12 in a USB dongle. Correct. Even with J1 disconnected I have spikes on rudder axis. I think my USB dongle is broken. Just using my toebrakes for rudder works great! Glad I could help :)
  9. If I'm doing it right I get the reading of the total resistance of the potentiometer to 40K Ohm :thumbup:
  10. Hello! My pedals rudder axis just broke so I decided to use the toebrakes and combine them in a target script to an rudder axis. I wanted them alittle further apart so I rebuilt them :smilewink: I hope the pictures help you with the connections.
  11. Hi, just wanted to share how you can mod your throttle to make it easier to find the switches in VR. I always use the "EAC" switch for gear up/down. A larger switch is easier to find and kind of look more like a gear-leaver than a switch. I use cheap valve caps for cars found on ebay. They come in different colors. Just put a little hot glue in the cap and it will be easy to remove without damaging the switch.
  12. I tried to enable the "virtual body" in the M2000C (RCtrl + P). First I thought: Cool! It felt very real but also a little bit strange because my body was smaller (thinner :) ) than my real body. After flying around a little while I took my hands of the throttle to scratch my neck. OMG! scary!! I was so immersed in the sim that it felt like I was handicapped when I moved my arm but my eyes told me it was still on the trottle :cry: :doh: One of the biggest "WOW" with VR is that everything is in 1:1 scale. When looking out of over the wing it's actually just as big as the real thing. I paused the sim and took a break and when standing next to my gamingchair i put the Rift on again. What a feeling just standing there in mid air and looking down a couple of thousand feet and looking at the aircraft from outside, leaning in to the cockpit and watching all the details of the ejectionseat etc. Words can't really describe it. It's like you guys said before: You have to try it to know what it's like!
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