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  1. Hi, When I start any mission mo or sp with engines runnin rlws works fine wit audio warnings. But when I do cold start it jist doesnt work. On ase page/util I'm trying to switch it on, but corresponding lsk doesnt do anything. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Not really, in January, they said its gonna get pushed to end of february, after that they renamed this thread end of q1. But still they kept repeating they aim to the end of february. Then they give us another uodate that they achived another milestone and they are like 170% sure theyre gonna make the end of q1. Its like they making fun of us. But as I said I dont care at this point anymore....
  3. Exactly, It has become extremely frustrating. I dont know whats worse, constant pushing of the release date or the fact that every time another release date is comig they start the hype again and again - wags releasing video or two to convince everyone that this time its really coming. Just to make those who wait for the near end of pre order pay? I dont know and to be honest I stopped caring...
  4. Only thing that I not okay with is that they started collecting money and hyping with videos and then failed to deliver. If they said it in the beginning of the october and started preorder now it would be whole different story. Its obvious that they actually knew, because of only one wags video posted after preorder trailer...
  5. I really hope we will be able to switch seats in MP. In Hind its okay, since you just divin on to targets and Petrovich guides the missiles, you cant employ them from hover so theres no need to switch. But in Apache its whole different story...
  6. Thanks a lot! I havent't noticed that it changed.
  7. HI all, I'm not able to use LABS at all. I hae everything set correctly according to various youtube tutorials, but when I press the pickle button, nothing happens... (radar AG mode, master arm on, stations on, ripple set, selector to LABS). Anyone have an idea what could be wrong? Thanks.
  8. I just tried it - no ther object than me in F-16 and I'm at 24 fps instead of regular 40-60.
  9. Hi, during last 24hrs I've seen some complaints about inability to switch between front and rear seats when playing solo in MP. Is that correct? Is that a bug or feature?
  10. OB update is due this Friday o later next week? Anyone?
  11. Hi, when in STT lock I can see he target on the tv screen but the HUD symbology lacks the cross representing the TCS. I only see the target designated by the rectangle. Did I miss something?
  12. I have i5-4460, gtx 1060 6gb, 250gb ssd and 16gb ram and I must say that I havent't observed any of this, I was quite surprised that the performance wasn' t almost affectet except longer loading times. I havent' checked the fps, but it doesn't feel stuttery ... I have even managed to play the 104th dedicated whole evening.
  13. I've finished with my first online employment. So far I am thrilled, but I'm also wondering how do I get him to lock several targets in tws and then fire at them being still in the front seat. So far he can only lock targets using STT. Also I am getting only the target designator with no cross displayed over it.
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