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  1. Eyes on the Squadron Leader, total calm and focus while the turbulence is rustling us about. Skimming the waves. Only now after the flight, can I see details by pausing the video. The waves rolling feet below us, the rolling hills, hedges, small farms, twisting creeks, towns full of rows of houses, back gardens turned into small fields full of growing vegetables. Everything in that moment rushed by as I was only focused on the tiniest movement of the leader. An amazing experience.
  2. Spitfire sightseeing in formation, skimming the waves around Beachy Head and back towards Lympne. Marvellous, so marvellous my GPU was overwhelmed by the rolling English countryside and conked out. It was stunningly beautiful for as long as it lasted. Flying in close formation with like-minded people who share the same passion for flying and history. A unique experience. Enjoyed every second of it. Thanks very much for the tour and I appreciate your skill in leading us, @Wiggy.
  3. A generic skin that is historically accurate and allows customizing the identification, used in the theatre of operations available to us in the simulator (France and the air war over the European continent) and not limited to a specific aircraft or individual pilot, but customizable to the player. These are all important factors for multiplayer and the multiplayer community. Allowing multiple players in multiplayer to use this skin without duplications. Increasing the immersion and quality of multiplayer servers that aims for historical accuracy and authenticity. Yes please.
  4. I can confirm in the same mission as the replies above, all AI does not return fire. FLAK / AAA did not return fire as I overflew Caen which has AAA batteries spread around. The enemy tanks did not return fire, even when I flew right towards them and very low. In all other cases I have always taken fire by the FLAK around Caen and the tanks when flying low and into their turret or hull machine gun line of fire. Mission start time was early in the morning at 03:40. The mission lasts for 5 hours, 45 minutes. The action of this track is around the time of 07:00 to 7:10. Despite being bright day, none of the AI returns fire. Earlier in the mission not part of this track, I was in a dogfight over a friendly airfield and ship, both did not open fire on the enemy. With all the other confirmations from other players, the AI unresponsiveness seem to last the entire duration of the mission. Link to track: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YBbG9CJim9Anj-UVSY-E2HnkjaGjpbZE/view?usp=sharing
  5. Reenacting history in an authentic environment together with like minded enthusiasts is a powerful experience, unlike any other type of game. To me it is a chance to get a closer understanding and deeper appreciation of all those who did this for real.
  6. 30+ players on the DCS Storm of War server made this escort tense, a low level raid from England to Caen and back. The Axis team had a RADAR controller and the radio was constantly buzzing with activity of engagements. Scanning the sky, waiting to be bounced, but they all made it back. Welcome home.
  7. Thanks to all that flew this mission Friday night. Lots of players, mostly balanced teams and exciting to have an Axis GCI / radar operator to give us Allies an extra challenge and aiding the Axis team. The sunset was wonderful. Here's a little run and break after engaging multiple gaggles, claiming a 109 and an Anton and coming out alive. This sim is beautiful.
  8. It would be appreciated by the whole historical community, if all special, racing and fictional skins be separated from the historical and national skins in multiplayer. For example make it a server realism setting to limit skins to country/team. Or create a new country containing all the special and non-historical skins. As an example, a new country called "Special" for all of these non-combat, fictional and unhistorical skins. Because spawning player aircraft online are country/team bound, by placing the fictional/special skins in a separate country allows mission makers to exclude them from the participants list in the mission. This will allow mission makers to limit skins to historical skins only. This separation of skins into their historically correct country exists already but is not complete. As mentioned above, there is a Japanese skin under the Third Reich country, which should be under its own country Japan.
  9. Re-enacting history, flying on a historical server in an authentic environment and together with like minded enthusiasts, is a powerful experience and gives me a sensation unlike any other type of game. This experience shown here is from the Storm of War server. It is easy to think of this as only a game. To me it is a chance to get a closer understanding and deeper appreciation of all those who did this for real. Each one made their fateful decision to make a difference, stood up, fought, struggled and sacrificed for what they believed in and for their close ones. They all have my deepest admiration. Here is a tribute to some of them, remembering the Bomber Boys. Footage of Spitfires escorting B-17s over France together with Ateball and protecting them from high altitude fighters together with EAF602_Puff. Combined with my own footage of B-17 Sally B of Duxford, during Flying Legends 2019. During the ongoing high altitude battle, I got awestruck by the beauty of what I was experiencing, before the radio of my wingman snapped me back into focus. EAF602_Puff and I tangled with 4 109s; a battle that started at the top of the world and ended at the top of the waves.
  10. In the midst of battle, you sometimes get awestruck by the beauty of what you are experiencing, before the radio of your wingman snaps you back into focus. Here EAF602_Puff and I are tangled with four 109s; a battle that started at the top of the world and ended at the top of the waves.
  11. Thank you very much PorcoRosso for your very kind words! I appreacte you ejoy and approve my little trailer. I will amke more videos with RAB so stay tuned. :thumbup: Thank you very much. The Paintsceheme is indeed a rare beauty and not approved by the high ccommand in RAF, thus it is a one off.
  12. Thank you everyone for your compliments! I'm happy you enjoyed this quick airshow announcement and history tribute.
  13. I want to say a BIG thank you to Porcorosso86 for making a truly STUNNING RAB paintscheme. Without you, this trailer would never be possible!
  14. Thank you very much Goblin. :) Tønsberg, Viking town (and home of giants!) :music_whistling: I bought all the Spitfire Saga books from Cato Guhnfeldt himself during a lecture he had about his research for the books. Very excited to have all this source material for future historical videos. I want to say a BIG thank you to Porcorosso86 for making a truly STUNNING RAB paintscheme. Without you, this trailer would never be possible!
  15. For the first time, Rolf Arne Berg's unique paintsceheme will come to airshows in Norway! English captions/subtitles under the YouTube settings gear/cog icon. Norwegian Spitfire Foundation will paint Spitfire Mk IX RR232 in Norwegian Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg's personal camo for its visit to Norway. A scheme Berg used only for a couple or more days during WWII. The Norwegian flag on wings and rudder was not to RAFs taste and approval. Rolf Arne Berg was the Wing Commander of 132 Wing during 1944-1945 and had his initials RAB on the Spitfire. He got his wings at Kjeller Aerodrome pre-WWII. Spitfire RAB will arrive to Kjeller together with NSF operated aircraft P-51 Mustang The Shark and the Norseman 18 June 2017. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Made by Knut Åshammer Music: Revolt Production Music - Shadowlands Simulator by Eagle Dynamics: DCS: Spitfire & DCS: P-51D Mustang RAB paintscheme by Porcorosso86: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2410196/ Poster / Cover by Tor Idar Larsen: http://www.norwegianspitfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/RAB_2jpg.jpg
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