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  1. Impossible to auto for me, as soon as I put engine levers to idle, I lose all flight controls.
  2. So losing both engines means death? No autorotation possible?
  3. Hey there, Just a small question about electrical generators: is it expected to lose them if just going back on idle RPM ? Had RPM to idle couple of times by accident and you just lose all systems, including INU alignement, but also flight controls, and just go straitgh to the ground, which feels a bit strange to me? Is it a known issue or me ignoring how this works? Thanks
  4. Well, nevermind, it finally decided to work... I'll put that on network!
  5. Hi everyone! Finally have some time to test the Apache but can't update, just got "servers are unable to complete your request" when I try. Is this a known issue with current network state or how can I solve this? Thanks a lot!
  6. I downloaded again RIO extension, replaced the dll file (that was the same...). And surprisingly: now it works Really strange... Always updated through the automatic update and radio tune never worked before...
  7. I have kinda same issue, I can say link host, link tune, tacan tune and everything works like a charm. However Radio tune is a no go.... I'll try to reinstall rio extension as you did, but I think I already did that once.... What did you reinstall exactly?
  8. I was not using switch command but is this required when configured in mode "broadcast parrallel" ? For now I got it working by selecting in SRS: "Allways allow SRS hotkey". Still that sounds more as a hack to me isn't it?
  9. Just had a try with WW2 aircraft in easy com and it works. So is there specific issue using F14 with easy com off?
  10. Hi, just tried online for the first time and no luck: impossible to talk to others. When using the push to talk binding (same in SRS and VAICOM) nothing happens on SRS, the little radio button stays yellow and never goes green as it should when emitting. Tried lot of different configurations but nothing worked so far. I'm trying to use "broadcast parrallel" so it just emits when I'm pressing the button but... nothing. Is there a particular order to start SRS and VAICOM? Thanks for the help!
  11. I wonder if this could be related to lower FPS situation. I seem to have less of an isssue on empty free flight mission where I get tons of FPS.
  12. Roger! Seems to work exactly as you described indeed, thanks! Would the electric pump force the fuel to be taken from internal tank only?
  13. Hi there! Trying to get back on both warbirds and multiplayer. The SOW looks awesome but I must admit I don't fully get what's to be done. Indeed had a lot of flights without encountering any hostile (or if encountered never could catch them with my Spit), or not knowing exactly how to help and where. Also not exactly sure how the AI bombing tasks work and how to help with those. What do you suggest to get multiplayer fun in here? What are you enjoying the most? Just free fliying over the coast waiting for bandtits once in a while? Waiting for B17 bombings to escort? Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi there! Enjoying being back on warbirds after some time on jets, but I have some questions about the fuel management of the Spit. I looked at Chuck's guide and it doesn't seem to work as expected, or maybe I missed something? When climbing high I would be expecting the low pressure light showing and this would be solved by using the "pressurize tank" cock. Instead of that the engine just shut down without any warning and the pressurize tank cock moved to ON doesn't solve anything. In fact I can only get the engine back using the electrical fuel pump. So is this the normal use of that fuel pump? Getting fuel to the engine at high altitudes? And so what is the function on the pressurize tank cock? Thanks!
  15. Unfortunatly that's the first thing I did. And does like this only on TGP, I have no issue while slewing HUD or map cursor.... Makes me think it's not related to the slew mod, or not directly. Just wanna know if I'm the only one with that trouble amongst the slew mod population :)
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