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  1. The internet site doesnt work any more?
  2. But thats very complicated ,at least for me. Has anyone zip file for A-10C Helios Profile thank you.
  3. Hallo http://www.gadrocsworkshop.com doesnt work anymore?
  4. Those .lua s are not in the CaptZeen Profile.So we dont add any changes those luas dont we??? Thanx Meanwhile CaptZeen we r waiting your video(s) :smartass:
  5. İ wish for fun time for your new baby. Hope dont get any problem to run Capt Zeen Helios Profile :megalol:
  6. Hallo there İ ve just red the all post in this toppic.But couln't find the solition for my SO+ headset. My problem is: İ cant read the cocpit instruments and mfds. is it PD or something else? when i whatced the videos SO+ in youtube they seems no issue for the cocpit readings. So there nust be a solition for this.But could'n find any. i use i7 32 ram and 1060 6GB. thank you
  7. At last thank you. please note to add the troubleshooting . İ ve only onse did it all. Than i lost everything. May be you can add e toucscreen users Again thanx mate.
  8. PM helps no other people like the same questions. Thanx
  9. Hallo there, i Bought for the 4 monitored Helios setup.3 for one,last i bought for the cocpit and Helos for the bottom.T shape. Win10 My touch screen monitor is Dell p2418ht. When i press the button for exemple at the UFC '3' once,its like i pressed double '33'. İnstalled the driver for monitor Tried the mouse setting tried the windows settings: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125195 And now,stil 33 55 88.:badmood: Any idea? Thanx
  10. Sorry but after one update it sucks again.And never did it .
  11. Thank you but i dont know how to use it with your profile. Search and could not find any. ???
  12. İ hate updates damn i cant do it again. İ can only get the mfds the rest are missing. whaterver i do,never worked
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