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  1. Roger that. I will get it sorted.
  2. Yes, I was in the A10 2, going through my start procedure, and then I gave a command from my piggybacked profile and it switched to the inverse listening state everyone I press the ptt. I don't have either dice or herc mods
  3. The problem happened again today. It's a phantom bug. Happened just the once. It doesn't like something.
  4. I've just tried to play Piercing Fury for the 1st time. Unfortunately, mission 2 seems to still be bugged. The C130 lands safely at Senaki. I guess that isn't supposed to happen.
  5. Yes, I noticed this. Was it just the crackle on and off previously?
  6. Edit - Cancel, I realise my mistake.
  7. Sorry, I didn't get chance to test, but I have the following mods in my Saved Games folder... Hercules ver 6.7 Military Aircraft Mod VNAO DCS-SRS 476RangeTargets Helipads HermesR12 VPC nBFVG Harrier Pack Tacview Ze Dim' New Static Packv0.4 and of course VAICOMPRO
  8. Thank you. I'll have a try later tonight. It'll be interesting to see what the problem is. Also, I do not have Dice.
  9. What would be useful to know? I will try and replicate it tomorrow evening. Tonight, I needed Vaicom to work for a squadron flight.
  10. I spoke too soon. I went on MP tonight and straight away the inverted Listening Suspended / Listening Resumed problem came back, in the A10C2 for every PTT switch. I reverted back to 2.5.24 and the problem went away.
  11. I'm please to say, it works. Thanks
  12. It was a 64bit in place update as prompted by VA. I have now rolled the software back to version 24 and it has fixed the problem for now.
  13. Can I roll back to the last patch until it's fixed. If so, how do I do that?
  14. I have the same problem now. In SP, with no SRS running, in the A10C2
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