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  1. Hey guys I have great News. I think the JF-17 project has been "allowed" by ED. Deka Iron works announced a FREE Chinese assets pack including AI planes, ships and ground forces.
  2. Assetto corsa now is heavily updated and has a lot of dlc on the market. By the way I was wondering if I should get a car pack in assetto corsa or the f15 bundle. About the American ice, but I'm not too much of an fc3 fan.
  3. I swear I this occurred to me a lot. They could spend time on getting waves to be all "wavy" and realistically. That could also lead to updating water in existing maps. I thought have an area with a small clutter of islands with maybe an empty runway and nothing else, to simulate what the chinese are doing.
  4. This is like a dream come true. One of my favourite planes, The JF-17 from my favourite airforce, The pakistani airforce. By the way the chinese verion of this goes by the name FC-1 i believe. JF-17 is the pakistani classification. Best wishes and good luck to the development team :D
  5. I've done a guns only in the mirage against the flanker and it was an easy kill. I tried it on all difficulties and still got him. After the merge I go vertical which puts me behind the flanker. The flanker tempts vertical two but I guess it has a reader arc.
  6. Can somebody please help me cycle radar modes? I don't know how to get into cac mode and have to manually ck everything.
  7. It's a little late now but can you please try some missions for the gazelle? Not too much of those out there, and there's lots of potential.
  8. It will still be the mig 21 no matter what. They will for certain sell it as a separate module but it's still gonna be the unmanageable mig. Having avionics upgrades would give advantages but in a dogfight the mig will still have to scoot, unless there's a better engine... But anyway, it would make ground attack even more efficient and it's original job, intercepting a lot more fun because we don't need the GCI, which isn't really good at the moment (sorry ed)
  9. Yeah, I honestly mute my rwr. It's pretty useless unless your being locked but also especially when your being locked. I heard there was a mig 21 upgraded with bvr and an mfcd plus guided Munitions. There's a thread somewhere about that.
  10. Nevermind, it's fixed. Thank you guys so much for all your help. Now that that's gone, I can actually fly. Ounce again, thanks.
  11. And how would I be able to find that, should I attach an image of it all?
  12. That doesn't change anything. When I open the window that shows inputs I see my throttle all the way up and pressing - onl6 moves it down a mili Metre, and when I let go of - then goes back up. Could this be because of a download failure, I remember having to stop and go in the middle of download.
  13. Sorry but how to I unbind it. Thanks for the quick response.
  14. Hello there fellow pilots, I just got the gazelle but have never yet flown it due to a problem. My collective seems to always be at max and never lowers, therefore I can't do anything. I have a Logitech extreme pro 3d which is sensitive, but I use + and - as my collective input. Please give me some guidance on what to do. Thank you
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