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  1. conversely a poor pilot will always be on the losing end for all sorts of reasons, almost always not the aircraft's fault. gs is guilty of constant overshoots the consequences to which he ascribes to issues of turn performance if he isn't droning on about some one circle two circles red circles blue circles. is it the aircraft that's killing him? i think its mostly him killing himself because he doesn't understand pursuit geometry. instead i would rather just focus on the crux of the matter as relevant to this thread which is: i think you are right on this point; rate just isn't as native as angles because the idea of giving slack to the enemy doesn't sell well to the lizard brain.
  2. subs is truly the most powerful poster on the forum. zealot after zealot of the scientific priesthood emerge from the woodwork to proselytize him for they know if left unchecked, sub's reality will overwhelm the world and the sky will shiver into a million pieces and fall to the ground. HAIL SUBS
  3. it should just be whatever accent is natural to them thats it. we dont need this to be another homage to someone's childhood idea of what russians ought to sound like
  4. you know what id rather go back to just plain wishlist threads instead of this sort of intellectual bargaining disguise
  5. make sure to follow up with a thread taking offense at the accent
  6. "provided they don't attack through the ardennes..."
  7. shouldnt even matter the problem is with forum warriors who are such absolute simpering weenies that they have to find every handicap they can get. if the f-16 didnt exist these people would be grasping for fc3 precedents as to why they should be allowed their handicaps. you notice not a single one of them ever asks for downgrades in the name of realism only upgrades that they think will hand them wins they're scared they can't pull out their own wins in this forum theres already easily 3 threads circulating at any one time revolving around this fear and its even more hilarious in the apache forum because god forbid their hero helicopter can't shoot down the entire covenant armada by itself you guys dont give a rats ass about realism just admit it already you just invoke it whenever its convenient for your gamer score
  8. real life is not consistent you wouldnt get the choice if you were assigned to a 'nice' unit or the 'crappy' old unit so learn to deal with it if youre so interested in the military mindset
  9. wow unethical um devs? this needs to be patched out
  10. or just save your preset loadout profiles in the mission editor before you go airquaking
  11. so you dont really know whats wrong with your computer but you're confident enough to tell us how our computers will die
  12. engine nacelles just keep doing it your times are only going to go up
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