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  1. Hi, 3rd week into using my VPC MongoosT-50CM3 Base and I noticed an issue related to calibration. My in-cockpit LAT & LONG arrows on the cyclic base do not align with the actual logical values on the Control Indicators in DCS or the VPC Configuration Tool. When I set the cyclic in "perfect centre" according to the config tools mentioned above and enter the simulation, the arrows are off as seen in the screenshot below: When I actually align the cyclic to match the arrows in pit, the value readouts are incorrect in both DCS and VPC: I have recalibrated the CM3 Base using the up-to-date software. I have also reloaded the firmware, reset it to defaults under Windows and finally calibrated with VPC having it as the only plugged-in USB device at the time. Min and Max deflections as well as the centre points have been calculated and entered after the calibration to "clean up" any imperfections. Deadzones and Smoothing have been disabled. I am pretty confident that the cyclic is set up correctly. The misalignment is small (between 1 and 2%) and with 60k points both in X & Y axis it probably doesn't affect flying too much but it's one of those things that could keep me up at night... Has anyone of you encountered a similar issue? Any ideas on how to resolve it? I'd be grateful for your help. - Belphe
  2. The missile battery operates for 45 seconds. You do the maths considering ambient temperature, air pressure, wind, actual flight path and target state. Easy peasy!
  3. This!!! Next step is dampers + stick extension. With that on board you should be rocking "stick with no springs or FF" trimming method like a boss! Let them just fix the Trim Disengage and you're golden.
  4. *for Super Ultrawide monitor setups (32:9++)
  5. Worse for me. Pay attention to your idle torque. It is now 20% instead of 17-18 before the patch. To get the torque down you need to apply a little right rudder. Is this true to the real thing? Even if it is, try the following: - fly straight e.g. North at 35kts - yaw right 90 degrees but maintain North direction of flight (strafing left) - yaw back left 90 degrees maintaining the speed and direction I find it extremely difficult to yaw back left and sometimes even enter a spin to the right (rear rotor stall? Is it so easily done in real life? 35kts is not the maximum strafing speed). I believe that this is caused by an insufficient rudder force caused by shifting the center of authority in the FM.
  6. Loads of interesting pointers in this article: https://www.helisimmer.com/articles/real-pilot-impressions-ah-64d-apache-dcs
  7. Hi, Could George be convinced to take >8km Hellfire shots, potentially mentioning the target is "just" outside the kill range? I've been successfully destroying targets that were beyond 9,5km with the manual override. Thanks
  8. Amazing find - was looking for it myself. Any idea how to make the heading tape and letters thinner? PS. A simple "HUD/HMD thickness" slider in the Special Options for each Aircraft would fix the whole issue. One can hope...
  9. I use the horizon line as a reference to determine my acceleration: When my LOS Reticle is level with the Horizon Line (ref. C) it means that I am maintaining my speed. If the reticle is below the line I'm accelerating, if above I'm slowing down. If I want to make it pretty and levelled I keep my VSI at 0 (ref. D) and vertically align my Flight Path Vector with the Head Tracker (ref. A & B).
  10. A little bug which I haven't noticed on other platforms:
  11. Same here, BARO ALT HOLD is gone and RADAR ALT HOLD only gives a message but doesn't activate.
  12. Thank you all for your responses. They are very informative and cast new light on understanding this subject.
  13. If so, could I suggest such option to be implemented from the back seat? Currently, when we set George CP/G to use LOAL - HI he will still not launch further away than 8km. Perhaps he could have his absolute max launch range increased to 10km? *** Am I aiming too high? Is my aiming too wobbly?
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