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  1. Lock one, wait until 15 nm. Fire your first amraam, then directly unlock and lock the other one and fire again. Have had many times succes with that. Oh yeah, turn away on time ;)
  2. Will do! Thanks guys for the replies and good info!
  3. @Kengou, what settings do you advise? And should I do it in the ingame settings of the settings in the Nvidia control panel?
  4. Thanks! @ Gorgok: what do you mean with: "First test for me will be to drop msaa and force fxaa through nvidia controls"? Cause I sometimes read that specific settings shoudl be done within the Nvidia configuration settings instead doing it ingame. What's the meaning for that?
  5. Hi all, I recently bought the F-14 and I noticed that my rig has some problems with running it: framerate is not very high and when I close a mission it hangs. And this was just a free flight mission without many other units. I have a I7 (I believe 7900) running at 3,5 GHz (not a K), 16 GB of internal memory and a Geforce 1060 (6GB) graphics card. What kind of upgrade can I do best to get it something better. I don't have a huge amount of money to spent. So I don't want it too expensive. And what kind of downgrades in my graphics settings can I make which aren't too radical for the quality of the sim? Thanks in advance! Sven
  6. Same here. Besides that I have noticed a slight continues pitch up too.
  7. Ok thanks! Not for me then atm.
  8. Hi all, A question: what are the minimum specs (CPU, GPU, memory etc.) when I want to use Oculus rift in combination with DCS? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there, Maybe a noobish question but where can I use the bullseye-thing for?
  10. Thanks for the advices! Will try them out. I did the mission yesterday and flew directly to the airfield and bombed the choppers with snake-eyes. Then I was shot by sam (cause I flew there before the Normandy and other seads had enough time to destroy the sams). So I made the mission and ended the campaign but didn't survive ;) So I found that not satisfying so I started the campaign all over again. So when I am in the last mission again I will try your advices ;)
  11. I have a question. In the last mission of the mini-campaign I have to bomb some helicopters parked at an airfield. I have one wingman with no escort. Every time I fly the mission I am confronted by 4 Mig-29A's. I order my wingman to attack bandits but every time they are with too many and I am shot down. Is there a certain tactic to use in this mission or do I have to learn to deal with 3 adversaries without TWS?
  12. Same for the Viggen. It explodes in air when over-G.
  13. Ok thanks. The way that I understand uncaged now is that you leave it to the sensor of the missile (IR/Radar) to track the target. Is that correct?
  14. I don't know it's just my fault in operating the radar incorrectly or is it something already reported but I experience some problems with the radar when I try to find the target using radar elevation (up/down). It seems that the scanning just stops when I try to alter the antenna elevation. When I alter it again, sometimes it starts scanning again. In some cases it's quite hard to get it working again. In some ocassions it even results in the antenna elevation caret moving up and down automatically. I have read some problems with the radar on the forum but I don't know if this one is part of this or that I am doing something wrong. I attached a short track-file where the strange radar behaviour is shown. Radar problems.trk
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