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  1. Just received mine and I am blown away by the quality. I haven't fitted it, or connected it yet, but I daresay it will impress me further. Thanks again. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering it. (Update) I have now fitted it, and it works well as expected. Now I have too many buttons and switches to cope with... a nice problem for a change.
  2. well, I just pre-ordered, and I am AAC now...forget RCT...go suit yourselves
  3. I get the discord as an invalid invite, could you update it?
  4. With the upcoming Apache on the horizon, I am suprised to find it so hard to find a UK AAC squadron. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or are there enough people interested in starting an AAC Squadron? If you are interested in joining an AAC unit, reply below and I'll see what the figures look like.
  5. And this: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/203816-vnao-t-45-goshawk/
  6. It is a standalone module like the A4 and C130 Hercules , with it's own flight dynamics, cockpit etc. Not based on any other chassis. https://discord.gg/ZW77rwSgww
  7. VNAO were making one, but it got scrapped, however the T45 is being made
  8. Before anyone chimes in, I have checked as far back as I could before getting bored (i.e. not very far back) and haven't seen this posted here yet: The IR views show not a realistic ir screen, but more of a contrast enhanced view. I think most people know what I mean...sea is shown as hot, buildings glow like nuclear reactors, parked vehicles show hot etc... will this be changed in 2.5.7?..or is there a fix I don't know about?
  9. try restarting your PC
  10. found a cure: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307161/
  11. I was just looking for the .img/.png/jpeg (etc.) file to see if it can be replaced, but no luck so far.
  12. where as most of us couldn't care less
  13. well I won't argue against having a super Hornet as well!
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