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  1. sorry, it is a xlms file....how can i open it ?thanks
  2. ready to buy it!!!!!!!!!! thanks razbam
  3. well, i installed in c/saved games/mods/tech, module is active in installed mod menu but i do not even see the icon on dcs first screen .... IGNORE POST, SOLVED
  4. BIGNEWY ....will do asap, suppose it is a hotas problem, i have the old cougar....
  5. i was approaching the carrier, 135-140 kts 300ft, full flap and i soon as start banking the 18 sink and stall no way to recover also at full power if i iam banked........maybe is a hotas problem, but i am not sure......
  6. BIGNEWY my mistake, i was using the free cvn 74......what a shame :(....i see the crew also with the mod enabled...thank you
  7. i know i already asked but i updated to last version, but when i select comm menu, ground crew and request launch, i have NO CREW AT ALL appearing on the deck...i disabled the mod already
  8. hello max, great utility, did not know it before, thanks
  9. i changed antivirus ( i installed) norton ), and i am missing from windows 10 start menu the dcs open beta updater ; i download the last version and put in bin folder but i do not see it in start........any solution? also if i click on updater icon, i have this message.......autoupdate.cfg(2) impossible to find the specified file thank you
  10. ma grazieeeee , che meraviglia
  11. thank you zorg ok, just press reload on google page and it works......... edit ...nope, file has been downloaded from to many people......retry later
  12. download link in the video reply ...you are not authorized to wiev this page, access denied, http error 403!!!!!! why? please help
  13. what a great news heathblur!!!!!! thank you for the f4, i will wait these 2weeks
  14. ooooook....very anxious for the 339 release:) :) :)
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