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  1. Im selling my Thrustmaster Warthog Stick. ONLY the Stick as you see on the photos. Its in very good condition and everything is working fine! 100.- Eur +shipping I am shipping within Europe Christoph
  2. Hi I have a Problem with my T50 The X axis is not working any more. A couple Days ago everything worked fine, I changed nothing and today the X Axis is dead. The Y and Z is working and all Buttons work. In the VPC Programm the X axis also Show no movement. I tried to restart the PC, disconnect the Joystick but it did not work. The only thing i did yesterday, I connected the Warthog Base and tried to callibrate the Warthog with a Programm from Thrustmaster. But i did not touch the T50. Is it possible that the Thrustmaster Programm messed all up? Christoph
  3. Saab 35 Draken http://www.airpower.gv.at/en/aircraft/historic-aircraft/saab-35-draken.html
  4. I had the same Button Problem. I had the Stick connected directly to the PC and when i turned off the PC and turned back on the Buttons did not work. I had to unplug the USB and replug it. But when i only reebooted the PC evereything was ok. Now i have it connected to an powered USB Hub and it is working properly.
  5. Hi @Cyph3r: Can you please post the measurements for the U-Bracket on the T50 Base. So i can make an adapter to mount the Base on my Deskmount. Thanks
  6. @Cyph3r do you have any News on the delivery?
  7. I also ordered on 13. April so I should be one of the first but no tracking Nr. yet
  8. They have a Phone number on their Homepage: +375 29 6669616
  9. Hi When will the shipping of the preordered Flightsticks start? Thanks Chris
  10. Hallo Könnte mir vielleicht jemand sagen was die Zahlen in der Box im HUD zu bedeuten haben. Angezeigt wird es nur wärend des Takeoffs. Ich habe schon überall gesucht auch im Manual aber entweder steht es nirgens oder ich habe es überlesen. Danke mfg Chris
  11. Ich have für same Problem. In the Viggen i can only scroll forward. In the Mirage at first it worked with the standard Keyboard Buttons despite there was no keybinding shown in the settings. After i assigned the Buttons to use it with my Warthog an the Target Software, only the Kneeboard on/off works no forward on no back scrolling.... Is there a solution for that Problem?
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