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  1. Great advice and much appreciated. Thanks mate
  2. OK I'll do that. Time to grab a coffee I think! :)
  3. I have had a look and tried a few, but after memorising the profile from Jack Bauer I was hoping to use an updated version so I don't have to learn from scratch.
  4. G'day all, I'm seeking an x52 profile for the A10C. I was very happy using Jack Bauer's profile but it does not work anymore. If anyone can link me to a Jack Bauer profile with the new format or a similar profile that works I would be very grateful.
  5. OK Nick I'll have another look
  6. Tried again and still not working. Anyone else still having this issue?
  7. Like a few people, I'm having problems activating my MiG21 serial key. I'm still receiving the error message after using the registry fix file. "Unable to run the application due to integrity fault of the Activation Key. Re-enter a valid Activation Key or re-activate the application..." I've sent several emails and personal messages on this forum and have received no reply. This is getting tiresome.
  8. I still can't play the MiG21....sent email and personal message with no reply. Hoping to have this issue resolved as I really enjoy flying the MiG21
  9. Really looking forward to that! Bear
  10. Thanks matey! Don't have to pretend to like the fella at work that speaks Russian anymore! Bear
  11. Looks like the Alphasim Ka50 for either FSX or FS2004. Still, nice screenies though. Bear
  12. Considering how many peeps in the "West" have said they would purchase the Russian version, I too am suprised that no official word on when they plan to release the downloaded version. Would it be that hard? Bear
  13. Not a friendly bunch are we :cry: Bear
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