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  1. The modern version please!
  2. Anybody able to get the English cockpit to work? I think this mod uses the old textures so I am now trying to import the new ones.
  3. What you need to do is use the "Clone Stamp Tool" and remove the decals/markings you don't want. I made some United States Army and roundels and works great!
  4. Didn't know they intended to release the S model as well. Found more on it in Stormbirds https://stormbirds.blog/2019/01/16/razbam-to-upgrade-mig-19-cockpit-another-bonus/
  5. How are you able to get such detailed screen shots? I am unable to see the patches very well in mine :(
  6. F-110-GE-129 Nozzel The patch is still a work in progress, trying to find/make the unit.
  7. I just purchased the DCS Mig-19P and was disappointed by how few skins there are to choose from. So I thought ok, I will check DCS Downloads but guess what, NONE to be found. Then I have this great idea to download the paint kit and make some skins and throw them up for others to use as well. But guess what, I can't for the life of me find Razbam's Mig-19P paint kit anywhere and to my horror discover there even isn't one on Razbam's website either. Come on Razbam, the Farmer has been out for quite some time now so do us all a favor and give us the paint kit because if you are only going to give us a few liveries, then let us make our own!
  8. DerFangzahn, were you able to resolve getting DCS to recognize the toe brakes? I managed to get them to work today in IL-2 Sturmovik but not in DCS.
  9. Devrim, I have made and uploaded an English cockpit mod for the Fw190 A-8. Problem is I haven't been able to make a description.lua so I can have the mod used in Saved Games. I have tried to use uboats "EDM Livery Extractor GUI,exe utility to get the data but it just closes after clicking extract. Would you be able to help me out please? here is the link to the Fw190 A-8 mod https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305646/
  10. I downloaded Frenchy's paint kit and he did a nice job and all but I need more detail such as shadows, dirt, blah-blah-blah and would prefer the Metal2Mesh paint kit but can't find it ANYWHERE. Could someone post a link or pass it along please? Cheers, Perfection Man
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