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  1. I primarily play single player. Prior to the last update, I could switch to the RIO seat and IceMan would hold whatever attitude / bank I aircraft was in once I switched to the RIO seat. Now the aircraft levels off when I switch from Pilot to RIO seat. Thanks,
  2. Firt I would like thank ED and the entire team. Awesome job and to know that more improvements are to come is even more amazing. Loving the Apache! As with most, I have spent the last 3 days getting acquainted and am at a fairly good level of proficiency. She flies amazingly well. No trim issues, after of course much trial and error with my Warthog settings. Can fly, transition, hover and land easily. George as CPH is great as well, but since I am 90% SP would like to be able pilot - move to George to operate weapons systems and have pilot George fly a bit and then back to pilot. All trim settings are nulled out when moving from front to back and visa - versa obviously calling moments of erratic flight before I grab the controls and reset everything. Can this be something that can be corrected? Thanks again for all of the hard work and such an AWESOME module!
  3. Apologies for what may seem to be a dumb question, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to cycle through waypoints. Make navigation a pain. Thanks in advance
  4. Flying as Pilot trimmed out. Switch to CPG blow stuff up. Switch back to Pilot and all of my trim setting are reset to center causing immediate pitch up. Is this normal?
  5. So, after much trial and error with Thrustmaster joystick, throttle and pedal curves I can hover, transition and maintained trimmed flight using ATTHOLD, but I cannot get the ALTHOLD to engage. What am I missing?
  6. Ok - let me try and explain another way. Easy to reproduce. Doesn't matter if you start code, hot or in flight. Turn off a system to create an advisory condition. e.g. disarm ejection seat, turn off a generator, etc. You will get a flashing master caution warning and a flashing advisory panel light. Do not correct the advisory. Hit master caution reset and the advisory light on the panel goes out without correcting the condition. If you hit master caution reset again. The advisory light will re-appear - show on the panel like it should until the condition is corrected.
  7. Advisory panel lights do no show in test. No advisory lights on start up. Panel should look like a Christmas tree with lights extinguishing as I bring systems online. If caution or advisory event occurs during flight, I get a master caution warning and the advisory light on the panel flashes, but once I rest master warning the advisory goes out. Doesn't remain lit telling me what system malfunctions I have. I know there have been some changes based on SME input, but advisory panel does not appear to be functioning correctly.
  8. Since the last update (hot fix) of 6/17, the nose strut switch seem to be bugged. Prior to this update, the switch would remain in the kneel or extd position. Following the last update the switch behaves as if it is spring loaded returning to center. I am nor sure if this correct, and if it is you should at least be able to or have to hold in in place to actuate the strut. The switch simply moves 1/8" returning to center regardless of action
  9. Washed lighting issue - Hud, instrumentation, indexers, etc. is not just a CAT issue. Effecting all modules across DCS. Everything is brighter - washed out, and adjusting Gamma doesn't effect the low cockpit lighting. Is kind of curious though that while everything in the cockpit is washed out. The green hud "blob" still exists.
  10. Yep, I am definitely digging the new Carrier. Thanks ED and Great Job!!
  11. Select "None" in the Link to Unit drop down. Place your static object then re-link to the unit (carrier)
  12. Hi Big Yes, only occurring with the F14 on my side. Tested with SP F-16 and F-18. Mission ends to briefing screen just fine. Getting the error described by OP when exiting F14 missions.
  13. Thanks for the reply, but yep I had previously tried that as well. Same issue.
  14. We all know 2.5.6 has several bugs. Essentially makes the update unplayable for me. Rolled back to 2.5.5. Ran repair and now crashes every time as soon as the mission loads at the screen where I hit "Fly" I can see the cockpit and Fly screen for 3 seconds then crash!. Tried different AC and maps. Same result. Highly frustrating. 2.5.6 is unplayable, and now I cannot rollback. Knew I shouldn't have updated. Something told me to wait because there would be issues, but did I go with my gut? No! Like everyone else I was looking forward the improved lighting and various other fixes. Next Steps? I could uninstall DCS all together and start over. My question is can I download 2.5.5 or do I use the DCS_updater.exe update instead of downloading the open beta again from the site? Stuck! Any help will be much appreciated.
  15. New I shouldn't have updated. Yep, this and too many other bugs in 2.5.6 render the update unplayable for me. I knew I shouldn't have updated. No fault to HB......we all know who is at fault. Has happened too many times before. Rolling back to 2.5.5..... See you on deck in another ~4hrs or so.
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