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  1. Where is UVAF squadron in shedule?
  2. League: Gold Squadron Name: Ukrainian Virtual Air Force Teamspeak: Contact person: MAD_MAX Aircraft Selection: J-11A, Su-27/33, F-14B, F/A-18C, F-15C, F-16 GMT +3 Pilot Roster: =UVAF= MAD_MAX =UVAF= Bond =UVAF= Peter =UVAF= Backfire =UVAF= GregOzby =UVAF= Clayman =UVAF= IceMan =UVAF= Wizard
  3. Чего поменялось то? У меня после патча сплошные креши игры.
  4. Игра крешится через несколько минут полета постоянно. Такого раньше не было, после обновы стало.
  5. UVAF = Ukraine virtual Air Force VUF = Virtual Ukranian Falcons (Demonstration team) SG = Sky Gladiators 1 squadron SH = Sky Sharks 2 squadron DW = Death wing 3 squadron (Pilots who fly on strike planes (Su-25, A-10 etc) This is are poilots from UVAF squadron. Any quastions?
  6. [quote=M0ltar; A note from this weekend. The CNF UVAF from this weekend, 10122019, will be reflown due to extreme lag. The current date for that match is set for 11232019 @ 1700z. Hi! You say will be refly with cnf. Why in shedule 0-2? They win? O_0 https://splashonegaming.com/satal/
  7. Thank you Moltar. Sorry Insky for delay.
  8. Ok. In what day you can after 12.09?
  9. To: hx5791, Moltar Is it possible to postpone the battle 07/09/2019 UVAF vs inSky on 09/14/2019? 4 pilots will be absent for work issue.
  10. Флуд развели. Клевок при посадке перед касанием исправить можно!?
  11. Если есть желающие присоедениться к нашей команде, пишите сюда. Нужны как боевые вирпилы для участия в турнирах, так и пилотажники для участия в в разных фестивалях.
  12. Я вот чето как то забыл видимо твоего мнения спросить, и тем более читать суждения человека которого я не знаю, и который не знает меня вобще дичь какая то. Кто ты такой? С чего ты решил что можешь в таком тоне мне писать? 0_о
  13. This proposal was addressed to the organizers of the competition and participants. Clever from the side and give advice the easiest way. Your opinion does not interest me.
  14. It seems to me that in future SATAL games, the Mirage 2000 plane should be banned in the current implementation. The plane flies in its own world and its characteristics, which are far from the true ones. I am sure that many will agree with me.
  15. Время идет, а ничего не меняется :))) Красных опять опустили :)))
  16. Who is the main judge, referee, organizer of the SATAL tournament now? Because I do not agree with the last decision.
  17. We can fly today at 17 z.
  18. Common guys, who else plays what? Need more ideas and suggestions ...
  19. What happens to the event? No live broadcasts, no results in the table, no tracks from the battles. Everything, as before will not be?
  20. If i eject beacouse no fuel, is it death? I am not die from missile.
  21. Thx mate! :thumbup: Thats why i asked. If will be 2 matches, i think we will play at 3-4 pilots :)
  22. We have fight at 14:00 zulu, 11.05.19. Is it possible change time to 17:00 zulu? Its work day in Ukraine.
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