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  1. Thanks for giving more info, I'll look into it for sure and I'm a OB user (like most people I guess?)
  2. oh wow ok. It's been like that since a recent patch you say? That's good info and most likely what I did wrong. That being said... I'm wondering when they'll stop changing the systems. It's frustrating when you start to get the hang of a module and they keep modifying how it behaves....I can understand they want to make it closer to the real thing but man, why not have it like that in the first place
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "going back to INS". Could you please explain?
  4. I'll try to recreate the thing and share yes.
  5. Well that's the thing, I didn't want to designate, as I wanted to perform quick attacks. That being said, I did "undesignate" and I was still getting the circle staying full no matter what.
  6. I'm not a pro with the Harrier but I'm fairly certain from all the times I have played, this is the first time I face this issue. The Gun CCIP doesn't give me proper info. I'm almost hitting the ground and the piper still is showing a full circle as if I'm not close to having my rounds hit the ground. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I can't have these buttons to work. In the controls, these lines are shown as orange and there is an exclamation mark next to the assigned buttons. Hovering over it with the mouse doesn't tell me what's wrong. I have tried clearing the assigned button and reassign something and it still gives me the exclamation mark with no explanation. Moreover, these orange lines are all duplicated. "Kneeboard next page" is there twice. One line, I can't double-click to try to assign something, nothing happens. The other will only react in the keyboard column, but as I said, I get the exclamation mark... UPDATE: problem seems to be in the Ottoman Campaign. Tried a quick mission and although the control text is still orange, the buttons work and I have no exclamation mark. What should I do?
  8. That explains a lot. I wrote a post about it a few days ago and was told I was possibly not "leveled" enough for it to engage.... but I'm pretty sure it doesn't want to engage. I have flown the F14 for quite some time and although I'm no pro, I never had any issue engaging the AP until very recently. Sometimes I'll push the button and the plane will even initiate some sort of movement that I'm used to see when engaging AP, but clearly it doesn't engage completely. Plus the AP Reference light stays ON. Anyways, glad to know it's not me and it's a new glitch. (although it's not entirely great news either haha) That being said, I'm not sure how much of a fix this was, cause yesterday after the patch that problem was still very much present.
  9. At the moment, I have issues with Jester emptying our chaffs reserve for missiles that aren't aimed at me. And then, when I am finally shot at, he either doesn't do anything or well we don't have any more chaffs, so he can't do anything. How do you guys set your countermeasures? I was limiting myself to flares on the pilot, but so far it really doesn't work with Jester taking care of chaffs.
  10. Does this mean Jester is not able to IFF interrogate by himself? I didn't know that.
  11. Hi, 1- Was wondering if anybody also has that new issue where the autopilot reference switch seems very precious when it comes to working. I push it sometimes 20 times and nothing, and then all of a sudden it works. Some other times it works on first shot. I thought maybe I needed to be perfectly stable to make it work, but tried doing it as I was clearly not stable and it worked on the first occasion. I'm kinda confused. 2- Jester STT Lock: Suppose I have one radar contact in front and I know for certain it's an enemy. Why is it that when I ask Jester to STT lock "Enemy ahead" he's replying "uuuggghhhhh sorry can't do it" and if I then proceed to ask to lock whatever is in front (enemy or not), he then does it...? At first I thought it could be an issue of difficult lock depending on speed and bearing of the target, but if that was the case, why would he end up succeeding as long as I don't specify it's an enemy?
  12. Well, you kinda answered my question. I could post a trk file, but I don't think it would help all that much, since what you explained is what I observe. To better explain: - Friends and I are playing online together on a server my friend set up. He uses that campaign generator available online, not sure the name, but I think it's quite popular and it does work quite well. - When going against a faction that has older aircrafts, we have to set them to Ace. But! As you point out, their CAP don't even come intercept us. They just fly their waypoints and then RTB. - If I try myself to go intercept them, it takes quite a while and by the time I reach them, they are already probably on their RTB leg, so they don't even bother my presence. - I we select a faction with better airplanes (Russia for instance), they immediately move to intercept as soon as they take off. Now, as you pointed out, it could be because of radar guidance. Modern planes see us on their radars, so they move to intercept. While old Mig21s can't see us on their radar at that distance. If that is the problem, would it be solved by providing them with an AWAC? Like their AWAC would guide their MIG21s to intercept us? Finally, it's kinda dumb that the AI on RTB will be that passive. I hope that "whenever" they fix the AI, this is going to be one of the improvements. Thanks for your help.
  13. Probably not a bug, but I scrolled through every page of the forum to try to find the appropriate place where to ask this. I don't understand the AI, how aggressive it is. It seems to be drastically changing depending on the plane it flies. I'm trying missions where the AI is at "ACE". I fly the F-14, it has a selection of Su-23, Mig29A, Mig21, etc. It just doesn't engage. It will not try to fight me at all. It will barely try to even defend. But, if I give them Mig29S or Su-27, oh my god. It does not even make sense how it behaves. Even on "intermediate" (which is the 2nd easiest setting I believe), it'll shoot missiles when it's at 60nm or more from me. So it's either I get nuked or it's just too easy. Any suggestions to make it somewhat interesting in PvE?
  14. Yeah... was kinda pissed that I got shot after that "possible glitch" and forgot to save the track. I need to fly it again, so this time, if it does it again, I'll save it and share here.
  15. On a few recent occasions I have flown missions where I click the HSI button to designate my waypoint as my target and it sends the TPOD looking god knows where. Just recently, was flying a mission in the Raven One campaign, selected waypoint 8 in the HSI and used Waypoint Designate to slave FLIR to said waypoint. Waypoint was 15 nm away, to the east, but TPOD went looking north at 90nm (distance to target). I switched back to WPT 7 and back to 8 again, and then it was correct. Anybody has any idea?
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