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  1. Definitiv Vietnam Außerdem Skandiavien (Schweden / Norwegen) Da passen einige Module gut dazu, mit anderen lassen sich Was-wäre-wenn Missionen bauen.
  2. I use a Monstertech Mount (the smaller one), but with a VKB-Stick. Fantastic quality and very sturdy. I plan on using an extensions with my VKB Stick & have been told, that everything longer than 100mm should be used with the longer version of the MT mount. So maybe you should keep that in mind, when considering to upgrade.
  3. Thx a ton for your response. That's a great idea. :thumbup:
  4. Quick feedback after a few weeks of "stick-time"... The F-14 Grip is a great addition to the VKB lineup, in my opinion. I really love the quality and the feeling of the stick. All buttons feel absolutely great, with the trigger beeing the only exception, as the response when going through the 2 stages feels a bit strange to me (mushy ?!). The weapon selector is fantastic and has some great feeling to it, when used. The POV hat really feels solid. Texturing of the grip is great. The plastic in general does not feel cheap, but great. Overall I would like my MCG Pro to feel that way. Great Grip VKB. Keep them coming. It`s time for some throttle now... :D
  5. Thanks for the ideas and the feedback so far. I think I will go for the 100mm extensions, as soon as it will be available again. This may fit my setup best. The long desk mount could be overkill, IMHO.
  6. +1 for Monstertech also :thumbup: Great Engineering. Fantastic built quality. Sturdy and thought through packaging. Price may seem a bit hard, first. But I will definitely go for MT again, when I update my throttle. Gunfighter did fit 100%. The neat adapter for the blackbox is nice. Wasn`t aware that it would be included. :D Have to find a solution for my cable-management though... :music_whistling:
  7. Gute Idee. Hat mit 7GB freigeschaufelt :D Danke an alle. Syrien-Karte ist im Einkaufskorb. :thumbup: Edith: Der gesamte User-Ordner ist 7GB groß, man muss auch genau lesen...
  8. Received my Gunfighter MKIII plus MCG Pro & F14-Stick and I am blown away by the quality and the feeling of those sticks. Huge improvement for me, coming from the T16000. Question for my right now is, which extensions should be used, when using a deskmount from monstertech, if I want to improve the overall feeling? Is 200mm too much, even when used with the long deskmount? Are 100mm sufficient, to eliminate the need for curves?
  9. Da häng ich mich mal dran. Kann mal jemand schauen, wieviel Platz die Syrien-Karte einnimmt? Habe noch gute 190GB frei. Wenn ich meinen PC neu aufsetze, wird es Zeit DCS auf eine eigene 500Gig SSD umzuziehen (oder diese andere WW2-Flugsimulation zu löschen, die da jetzt noch installiert ist :D )
  10. Thx for the measurements. :thumbup: I have contacted VKB about it, since that small plastic part to change the resistance of the 2nd stage trigger seems to be missing too.
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