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  1. Thank you. I thought Beetle was talking about a module and not a mod. This being said, they seem to want to create an extremely detailed T45 so if it's on top of a decent flight model, I'm excited for it !
  2. T-45 made by who ? Do you have any link ?
  3. Here we have the ignorance I was talking about ... Time to study history : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-Aligned_Movement So yes, they're all either blue or non-aligned (some of them very friendly to the blue side). African and middle-eastern doesn't mean "evil communist country that needs freedom". Iran F-1s weren't exactly due to a sale either, more of a unique historical twist. As far as post 1991 scenarii, I'll repost my comment then
  4. Can we stop saying F1 is a good red air jet ?? Mirage F1 hasnt been sold to a single red country. They all went to very blue countries (france/spain/greece) or to non-aligned countries (most of them being blue-ish as well). I'm kinda tired to see all non F-teen aircraft sent to redfor because of ignorance and/or convenience. If you make a post 1991 scenario, then it has nothing to do with blue/red and you might as well put F-16 in the non-freeduuum side then. You can put all the mig 21 and 23 on the red side.
  5. Hi http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/first.htm This might help you, at least for what squadron was where
  6. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278045
  7. I'm not sure i understand the intent of Razor's message. Was he hoping to remove CFTs and play it like a F-15c ish jet and hope my message was all but a dream ? If that's the case then sorry mate, I meant every word i wrote. :book:
  8. Hi, A F-15E without CFTs is not a F-15E. They are never removed except for maintenance and exceptionnal test flights. Razbam confirmed on their discord the CFT won't be removable. All that should make you happy and squash other requests regarding CFTs. Cheers
  9. Hi, That's more of a look at the gpu history and upgrade cycle discussion than anything really specific. Let's assume the resolution stays the same over all the years played. Again, I used 4 years as an example but I could also use one big gpu every 6 years or 2 mid range gpu every 3 years at half the price. Although, I'd say 5-6 years is probably the maximum years one could used a high end gpu and sustain the performances i described above.
  10. Hello everyone, First off, this is not a question specifically about DCS which, as we all know, is quite demanding on cpu and gpu. My question is about a very average gamer, playing AAA titles at the "holy grail" performance 60 fps on high setting (playing mmos, shooters, rts etc) Does it make more sense to buy a 800$ gpu now and keep it for 4 years or a 400$ now, use it for 2 years, then another 400$ gpu at the time and keep it another 2 years ? (numbers dont really matter, it's mainly a question of X $ for 4 years or X/2 for 2 years then same upgrade) That question could apply to cpus as well but i feel like cpus are rarely the bottleneck for this scenario. Some gpu reviews include a Cost-per-frame chart and older cards 1 or 2 generations back (so 2 or 4 years usually) always seem to be interesting, hence my question. Looking forward to read your thoughts on which approach is the most efficient.
  11. Hello everyone, I have 2 questions for the knowledgeable people on this forums. 1. What was the last fighter aircraft to be designed with pure mechanical flight controls (rods/pulley etc) ? 2. Same question but with hydraulic help involved to move the control surfaces ? Let's take the year of first flight to sort them out. If you have any source to back up your answer, that'd be greatly appreciated ! Thank you all :thumbup:
  12. +1 for the FS 2020 comments. I asked a few pages back but no answer to be found. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4425885&postcount=2517 Although, I'd wait a few months until VR is well established in fs 2020 to dive into its adaptation (if any needed)
  13. Hello everyone, Here is an interesting article about the Tornado : https://hushkit.net/2020/08/04/the-tornado-is-gone-was-it-the-right-aircraft-for-the-raf/ I've always liked it and knew the ADV wasnt the top dog at its mission but wow, it looks like no matter the version, it wasn't great at what it was supposed to do. I still want it in DCS though (IDS) :music_whistling:
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