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  1. Hi all, this took a looooong time to edit so any likes or comments on the vid would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I sure have, and there's not enough space to get the launch parameters if you use a laser when you pop over the mountain and roll out on target lol. So was hoping to just drop them in CCIP. Ah I see! Goddamit lol. Well I guess I go back to normal dumb bombs then
  3. That's the problem, there is no CCIP mode for an LGB, I'm using the GBU-24 Paveway III... only modes it has are: 1. CRAP PP 2. CLAR SL 3. MAN And MAN doen't get you any CCIP release symbology. OS I've no idea how you can do it...
  4. Well tere seems to be no CCIP option in the F18 that I can find. I need to figure out how to drop them from a shallow dive like any normal dumb bomb. Hmmmm
  5. Hi folks, can you drop laser guided bombs as dumb bombs? Can't find an CCIP option for LGBs. Assume you can in real life but can't figure out how to do it in an F/A-18 in DCS? Many thanks!
  6. Hi folks, I remember some months ago we were allowed to try a new module for 2 weeks or so without having to buy it up-front. Is this still the case? I can't see any option for this in the e-shop. I don't mean the free for all months. I mean there was actually a free trial period for each module? Thanks!
  7. Decided to re-produce and improve on the original (real-world) Su-34 Hellduck vid posted by Fighterbomber the other week. I don't think ED will let me link it in here so just go to the description of my DCS HELLDUCK video for a comparison. It was hard work getting the AI to do something in a semi-realistic manner so feel free to smash that like button for my efforts
  8. Can we actually find out which AI aircraft are on the list to be re-modeled or added?
  9. Great, I'll try that. Many thanks! And yes, that's me
  10. Vot tolko nachalnuju skorost' i vysotu oni na risunke ne pokazyvajut
  11. Spasibo. 6-7km... mozhno ot skuki umiret... stranno, chto tak daleko otletajut.
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