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  1. I will post some pics up on the Phantom thread here when I get some of the parts I am making done...I also have a Martin-Baker H7 Ejection Seat from an F-4E that was converted to a G in the 80's That I have restored. It came from Phantom AC#69-0297 and was a combat veteran aircraft.... I had been flying the F-14 a lot along with the A-4 . I may try and motivate myself and jump back into a cockpit or two.
  2. Like i said . Its just how I feel. I could go into a long drawn out explanation to explain it I suppose. I guess its just my pessimistic change in my mind with age. LOL...... I am working on restoring a F-4C pilots instrument Panel (which is not an easy task these days) at the moment that is taking up a lot of my time as some parts I am having to make because the real parts are near impossible to find. So that has also contributed to me not powering up DCS too...
  3. I know they said that they felt like they needed to say something when they announced they were working on it. But I kinda wish they would have said nothing at all since there almost ZERO information on it and where it stands...Since they announced it my interest in any of the modules I own has basically died. I have not jumped in the cockpit of any and fired up DCS in a few months because really the F-4 was ever the only aircraft I was interested in the last 10 years I have had it. Since we know that it is being made and that cat is out of the bag I think if there is a major delay it should be made public and exactly how far from a estimated release should be said. That is just how I feel about it. which holds about as much water as a screen door.
  4. I had to replace one of the throttle sensors last year and I found that the ribbon cable that goes up into the right throttle had a wire loose in the connector that connects to the logic board. I tried several times to contact them to see about ordering that cable and I could never get a response. So I ended up making my own fix for the loose wire. But the cable needs replacing.I am suspecting there maybe a problem with the ribbon cable that goes from the board that the AUTO Pilot push button connects to the main control board because when I was troubleshooting and I moved that cable even slightly the LED lights on that part of the throttle would go out . I will post some pics when I get a chance and open it back up.
  5. I know its not the button because I have tested it and its good .. It could be a problem with one of the boards or the ribbon cable that goes to the main board. I have had issues with another ribbon cable in the throttle and had to fix it. I tried getting a replacement from Thrustmaster but their customer service is terrible and I could never get a response back from them on their customer support page.
  6. They seem very tight lip on this module more than any other I have seen...I find that very interesting and what surprises it may hold....
  7. It has nothing to do with any kind of software or program being used . As you can see in this screen shot the #26 button which is the autopilot button remains in the lit "engaged" state no mater what. Pressing the button does nothing to change that state. It should be OFF until the button is pushed. it is shorted somewhere but have not found where.
  8. The auto pilot button on my throttle stopped working. When I look at it in game controller properties it shows that it is always ON . I thought it was a bad button so I replaced it but the issue remains. Any ideas?
  9. I would like to see livery for the 56th Tactical Fighter Wing from MacDill AFB . The squadrons did have F-4E's along with the C and D's they had.
  10. Like I said I have the seat manuals and will get that info for you. I am sure anything you would need to know about the seat is there...
  11. I have all the manuals for them and I am sure they are in there and will get them for you. If there is any info you need at all about the seat I can provide it. I also do have one panel for the F-4 that is complete. Its the Panel with the Jettison button and Land gear indicators on it...
  12. You are correct and I believe that is a major part of the problem. I think even the F-105G Wild Weasel info is not available on how it worked. Or at least I have not come across any of it . when it comes to radars and the abilities they have and the weaknesses to defeat them those are highly guarded secrets...
  13. Given the level of detail that is required and demanded for DCS and what it would take computing and software wise to run a detailed Vietnam map currently would be over taxing on most systems people have that are currently running DCS. That said it is not an impossible task given the future of gaming software and design. Just as it stands now its just unrealistic . And there is no point in making something that is not up to standards for DCS. I have the gut feeling that we will see something some day. It may even not be as far off as it seems.(hopefully before I am 70) . I am sure that there are many who have their gears turning and will some how make it happen when it is possible to do it. As has been stated it would be a money maker as the demand would be high and would make for some epic air battle campaigns on par with the WW2 but with jets.......
  14. I have a F-4 ejection seat and got it for under $2500.00 almost 100% complete,,,, I have not seen any instrument panels for sale lately that were not wildly expensive if they are complete. I have seen stripped one from time to time come up for sale at a reasonable price but the instruments to fit it out the prices has gone insane. I am sure if you spend the time digging things can be found at a good price but it will take a great deal of time to complete one .
  15. That is the one part I am missing. They are out there but hard to find. I almost had a rocket pack for it a few weeks ago but missed out on it. I will find one eventually . I will just have to wait for one to show up for sale.
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