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  1. Nice, I’ll have a look, and thanks for the heads-up.
  2. Is the resolution feature on SideQuest working again? I used it way back when, but it stopped working following an update and the community had no estimate on when / if it would be working again.
  3. Not to be disagreeable, but "in real life tanks are NEVER jettisoned. EVER." isn't true. In Desert Storm, tanks were regularly jettisoned, particularly by F-15 drivers as they were closing on bandits and engaging was looking imminent.
  4. On an unrelated note: Am I missing something on signatures? I can't see your specs (nor anyone else's) when they say their specs are in their signatures.
  5. Figured I'd post some progress for anyone else that it may benefit... Going into the weekend, I was getting inconsistent FPS with fairly low settings (on super basic single player scenarios, I'd get inconsistent FPS ranging from 25 - 75... on Liberation missions, I could get around 25 - 45, with fairly large swings). My system is Ryzen 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB DDR4, SSD, Quest 2. I was running Med textures, low terrain textures, 2xMSAA, no shadows, standard clouds, 8xAnisotropic, no global cockpit lighting. I ran the Quest 2 at max resolution in the Oculus app, 72hz, no ASW. On a whim, I switched from 72hz to 90hz, used Nvidia control panel to cap the framerate to 45fps, and switched low latency mode to "Ultra". I was shocked to see a consistent, rock-steady 45fps even in complex Liberation missions. I dialed MSAA to 4x, went from no shadows to low shadows, went to 16xAnisotropic, and even dialed the PD in DCS up to 1.2, and I'm still running a solid and consistent 45fps, only with significantly improved graphics quality. I'd still love for the core game to be optimized for VR performance, but this is a huge improvement, for what it is worth.
  6. The performance compromises can be significant, but you’re correct… once you’ve tried VR, you can’t go back.
  7. The above answers are correct in that it frees up a weapons station and provides an improved field of view for the targeting pod. The Osprey series of books (U Navy Hornet Squadrons of Operation Iraqi Freedom Parts 1 & 2) have some great pics of these asymmetrical loadouts. I've seen them used with one Mav, one LGB, and one JDAM; three LGBs; three JDAMs; three HARMs; and all kinds of other varieties. It certainly appears that asymmetrical loadouts were more the rule than the exception on the legacy Hornets during OIF and OEF.
  8. From today's patch notes, one of the items is "initial work on velocity hold submode." Anyone have an idea what this means or how to use it?
  9. Thanks for the tip. This was exactly what I was looking for!
  10. Just wondering if anyone can recommend good software for capturing FPS, GPU frametimes, and CPU frametimes for users of the Quest 2. I currently use the default FPS monitor in DCS, but I'd like something that captures the info to go back and review after a session. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  11. This one is a hot-button for me. It is embarrassingly easy to set up a dedicated server (even on the same machine) and see a huge performance boost, but there are compromises... for example, everything seems to be either an air-start or a cold start, and in the Apache you can't switch seats. I just don't understand how there is no official solution yet to CPU related bottlenecks where there are simple but compromising workarounds.
  12. If the blast shock wave is modeled, it isn’t modeled very well… again, you can land a rocket or a round right next to an infantry unit and they just keep firing away with laser precision. They aren’t stunned, dazed, knocked over, their aim isn’t effected, there really is zero impact on the unit unless you hit them with the munition.
  13. The problem with the gun is that anything short of a direct hit doesn't seem to do any damage, so its use as an area weapon is very limited and not realistic. There are some videos on youtube of the gun being employed against ground troops, and it's effects, even when the shots are not super accurate are devastating. Meanwhile in DCS you can hit a few feet from a ground troop and he keeps shooting right back.
  14. My main gripe with the infantry in particular is that you seem to have to hit them in the head with the 30mm or a rocket to kill them. The module itself is in a pretty decent state, the ground units that you interact with, not so much.
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