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  1. thats not true. i use CH Control Manager every day just fine. still works perfect for me on Win10. having said that, if CH Control Manager really isnt working for u, or u just refuse to use it, there are still other tool out there to calibrate you max and min range for your controllers just like DIView. and yes, you can also do this directly in DCS, within the axis settings menu.
  2. pretty much what u say. prop birds in dcs could need an FM update.
  3. oh that was quick...ill give it a try an report back.
  4. noticed a problem with vsynch...as soon as i use it, the frames are locked at 30fps, while without it, i can hold easily above 100fps in any situation. but i would prefer a steady 60fps rather than fluctuating high fps without vsynch. any ideas why its holding me at 30fps, while it easily can hold above 60frames?
  5. in my experience, using input curves in dcs is problematic. it seems to cause small but perceptible input delays, and setting a curve on 1axis, does for some reason influence other axis. i.e. setting a positive curve on the rudder axis seems to affect the elevator axis as well. its not like the same axis is applied to the elevator then, but somehow feels like you have to put in more stick movement to get the same results like when you have no curves applied at all.(pretty obvious on some modules like the 109). i know that sounds strange, and i guess many will tell me that i am wrong on this, but throughout the years i get the same outcome with all the dcs modules i own, so i avoid using curves and rather try to get used to the behaviour of each aircraft with 0/0/0 settings. thats not an F-14 problem though(i think the F-14 flies pretty pleasent without any curves), but a dcs core problem.
  6. no i dont mind at all...of course this thread is meant for all the pilots out there searching for a RIO, and all the RIOs out there searching for a pilot. ;) if this thread helps people to to find buddies, then it was definitely worth it.
  7. i am from austria, and most of my buddies are from germany so zulu time is no problem. english is no problem either.
  8. are there actually people around, who prefer to take the backseat in the tomcat, that are still in search of a pilot? would love to have a human RIO to fly with me, but all my buddies prefer the take the pilot's seat, just like me. so we would need to expand our team with RIOs. :) i thought its worth a try to ask.
  9. PC-6 turbo porter....don't ban me for this :)
  10. have MFG at home, and really like them, but ordered TPR pedals since they have the "heels on the ground" design which i am used to in my daily business. i should be able to pick them up later today from my post office...i am really curious how they will compare to the MFG pedals.
  11. mh ok...got the board and put everything together like u guys suggested. windows instantly recognizes it as BU0836A Interface. but it doesnt seem to recognize any axis from it. i cant even try to calibrate it as the calibrate button in windows is greyed out. the connections to the pots must have been working, as its still seeing the msffb2 axis without any problem. EDIT: ok its working! had to switch the connectors on the bodnar board 1 pin each to the right and then it was working...now windows is recongizing it as y and z axis...
  12. one thing is for sure...f-14 is very capable in the right hands. it will just need training, probably more than in other jets, but that makes it even more attractive. PS: nice session on sunday with Hummingbird and others. maybe slightly too much booze involved, but still lots of fun and good training.
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