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  1. Can u add the voice of kit from nightrider:thumbup::lol::lol::lol:
  2. Looking at those pic, Ed needs to stop working on the A10, and give me this:thumbup: Tbone, and quick :)
  3. Plz tell me how to activate the Harrie, i would like to no, i no it sounds easy to you, but i havnt got a clue? Regards Tbone
  4. This will be my next card, XFX GeForce GTX 295 1792MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI:thumbup::pilotfly:
  5. is that the GeForce9800GTX+ Black edition? im using the XfX 8800 ultra Alpha Dog Edition XXX -768mb, and i got to say i cant falt this card... Tbone
  6. Just relised i have a rollback tab, but will give the 182.05 a go later cheers guys regards Tbone:thumbup:
  7. I downloaded and updated my Graphic drivers to: 181.22, But im finding BS, unplayable with these Drivers, I cant remember, What the last drivers were, that i was using Question is: What Graphic drivers are you guys, using Regards Tbone:thumbup::pilotfly::joystick:
  8. I also understand his point, why they could not have, english speaking russians, on the campain, i just dont no, the subs ruin it for me, but its still a great game:thumbup: Tbone
  9. Very nice crazyD:thumbup::pilotfly: Regards Tbone
  10. Huh? news to me, but i will second that......need to get on here more:( Tbone
  11. Anything, thats listed on this page:thumbup: http://www.checksix-fr.com/ Tbone
  12. try this i had same problem as you.... Unistall BS make sure everything is unistalled, included any folders, Then go to Run, Type regedit, then click on EDIT, Find, And do a search for anything to do with black shark, ie type blackshark search, delete anything that comes up, Press F3 to keep searching, then install game again, and you should be good to go, it worked for me:thumbup: Tbone
  13. All the Psd's that have the words Paint, in there name you can change, Open Ka50-paint1, psd, on the layer pallet scroll down till you find COLOR SCHEME, Double click it, there should be 4 layers in there, these are what you paint, click the eye icon next to each one, to see which part of the helli, you are painting......Thats if you are uaeing photoshop Cs3, like i am:thumbup: Hopefully someone will come out with a proper tut, Regards Tbone
  14. T.Bone


    Yes, i would like to say, that, that did not look right to me, not sure if it was the camera angle, of the person who was filmin it or what Tbone
  15. Thanks, nate:thumbup: Kind regards Tbone I realy like the starfighter
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